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    Hey everyone! I'll be in Amsterdam and London for a month starting on this Saturday. While doing my own research by looking through the ads over in Europe I would like to ask here what would the going rate be in those cities? My rate over here in the states is now 250/hr USD. Thanks in advance!
  2. irfy

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    western europe so Amsterdam i would say 100-150 euros, in UK and London GBP 100-150
  3. Those are reasonable prices there.
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    That is my experience too. Let me add that the going rate here in Prague is between 2500 Czech crowns (Kč), roughly $100 or 90 euros, and 3500 Kč, $135 or 130 euros. Most guys ask for 3000 Kč, that is $116 or 111 euros. No way you would pay NY rates here!
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    50 or 60 euros in the saunas in Barcelona...albeit, a romp is only about 20-25 minutes
    Also, a friend who visited Lisbon/ Porto recently, informed me that university students were asking for the same amount on gay social apps.