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  1. trilingual

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    Please post info about escorts, hotels, transportation, etc. in Puerto Rico here.
  2. jankeedaddy

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    Most of the escorts in PR advertise on craigslist (Yes Craigslist is still going under services/erotic in PR). I have had very good experience and the prices are normally about $100/hour. If you want to see them first try Siempre Lounge (formerly downstairs Bar), 6 Calle Condado San Juan, PR 00907 (787) 724-7145 and Male Depot is very interesting. I suggest a car and a drive to find it in the daylight. It is very difficult to find at night. Make sure it is still going there was a Nov. 2010 report that it was closed.
  3. LatinoRican

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    Not any more!

    Craigslist eliminated "erotic services" from their Puerto Rico listing serveral weeks ago. It, too, has gone the way of the dinosaurs!
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    i'll be heading to PR in about two months. It sucks that there's nothing interesting down there.. I'd much rather go to DR lol. I love Dominicans.
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    Craigslist is back with all the bells and whistles for Puerto Rico!
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    In addition...adam4adam.com...is another option for meeting guys in Puerto Rico. Lots of pics from locals to choose from and 99% are free of charge. You log in, answer a few questions, and you are on your way! Enjoy!