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Discussion in 'Traveling Members' started by Travelguy368, Nov 21, 2016.

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    Hey guys, I'm travelling to Puerto Vallarta for a few days starting this weekend and while my evenings are generally planned out, I am looking for some recommendations for things to do during the day. Wouldn't mind getting together with other fellow travelers for lunch or happy hour.
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    Contact @Epigonos he goes to PV yearly, in fact he was there 2 weeks ago.

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    What you do during the day depends greatly on where you stay in Puerto Vallarta. I always stay in the Zona Romantica which offers great shopping, if that is you thing, as well as the best concentration of restaurants in P.V. Two of my favorite restaurants are Trio, continental with a Mexican twist, and El Brujo, Mexican with great Margaritas. The Zona Romantica is also the location of the famous (infamous) Blue Chairs gay beach enclave, depending on the time of year lots of gay eye candy. If you have one night free I seriously recommend the Rhythms of the Night dinner show presentation -- it is spectacular.
    Have a great time. The weather should be great and I'm sure you will have a enjoy.

    P.S. You might want to consider dropping in at Wet, a gay stripper bar also in the Zona Romantica. Lots of eye candy and a shower show behind the bar. Don't go before 10:00 even though it opens earlier. Take lots of dollar bills to tip the guy and you can have lots of fun playing with them if that is your thing. They also do private shows in the back which I have never done.
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    Thank you for the suggestions Epigonos. Much appreciated.
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    I've done the private show. Each dancer is different with what happens back there. I had one who basically gave me a generic lap dance and another who I deep throated (and later took antibiotics because of).