R.I.P. Backpage???

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    I just clicked on Backpage and the "adult" classifications, including Male Escorts is down and marked "Censored". While I hired very rarely from that site, it was kind of fun to see some of the ads and discover, only once in a while, a jewel. I know that this is being played out in the courts, so it will be interesting to see what happens and when. It may be that our marketplace is getting smaller and smaller.
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  2. Zman

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    Sad. But not unexpected.
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  3. A new website will come up, the same happened to craigslist's.
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    It will be interesting to see if they ever take down rentmen...that would really shake up the industry.
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    I'm not certain, but I tend to think that the impetus for the BP takedown was centered more on the female escort ads, though the result is that all the adult ads are gone.

    However, I've noticed that the much less used (at least in my area) "dating" section does tend to get more adult (i.e. escort) ads than anything else - maybe this will happen more. Much like they also get thrown in on Craigslist in the middle of the hookup ads.
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  6. coriolis888

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    If you are interested in reading the government's bogus excuses as the reason for the adult section of Backpage being closed down, check out this link then click on whatever appears to be on topic:


    P.S. Here is a letter, written today, by the law firm that represents Backpage. Notice that in the letter, only the U.S. portion of Backpage adult section is closed.

    Canada and other countries are not affected by the decision.

    After reading the letter, one must scratch one's head to understand why Backpage is being harassed like it is.

    One line in the letter succinctly describes what is happening when it states, with regard to the governments' behavior against Backpage, "unconstitutional efforts to harass it out of existence."


    Yes, I agree - "our marketplace is getting smaller and smaller."

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    I think after Rentboy it's clear they are going after the whole industry unfortunately :(. So far RM has survived (I'm guessing) since it's based overseas. But they eventually got Pirate Bay and Kickass torrents so they may get RM too.
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  9. coriolis888

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    But, the question remains, why is the government wasting taxpayer money harassing gay sites that do not entrench on the general public?

  10. bigjoey

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    If this is happening under a "liberal" Democratic administration, imagine what these sites are in store for under a conservative Republican administration :(
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  11. Zman

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    Yes, I have to agree. And Daddy's is also in the line of fire. I'm making no predictions but this site and/or the review site may disappear one day. It may go voluntarily if Daddy decides to shut them down proactively. IDK.
  12. pubic_assistance

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    Very often these sorts of shut downs happen after unfortunate cases of sex trafficking being reported and the website gets implicated.
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    They've been getting harassed for years and I guess they decided they couldn't afford it anymore. It doesn't matter that they have the law on their side if prosecutors want to make a name for themselves and keep bringing lawsuits. Legal harassment by state prosecutors, among others.
  14. coriolis888

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    Take a look at my post # 6 above. In that post is a link. Click on the link then read the various documents that come up from the link. One of the documents is a listing from law enforcement agencies in several parts of the U.S. praising Backpage for its efforts to help crack down on child porn. Those testimonials have been presented to the same committee that is actively harassing (investigating) Backpage.

    In view of the testimonials mentioned above (and presented in the link in post # 6 above), it appears that the U.S. government group that is "investigating" Backpage is doing so, not because they should, but because they can. Plain and simple.

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  15. gentlewick

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  16. gentlewick

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    Zman: they got them, but thepiratebay has survived still :cool:
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  17. sniper

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    They've very deliberately started using the term "sex trafficking" to describe any and all sex work. So people just think you're talking about abducting little girls and forcing them into sex slavery, not a 35-year-old RN who does rub-n-tugs for extra cash, and there's really no overcoming the Helen Lovejoys of the world once they've put that spin on it.
  18. raife

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    Here's hoping that http://skipthegames.com/ can pick up where Backpage left off. They're hosted in the Netherlands and don't need to put up with the US anti-prostitution bullshit.
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  19. instudiocity

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    Read the news links... Ferrer was arresting for pimping, pimping minors, and sex trafficking in Texas, on a warrant from California in October, 2016. Those are not federal cases but cases brought by the states for sex trafficking, pimping minors and pimping. Texas' Attorney General, California's Attorney General are involved.

    From an October 2016 report: "A special agent with the California Department of Justice said in court documents that "for at least the last five years, defendants have known that their website is the United States hub for the illegal sex trade," and that many ads involved the victims of sex trafficking, including children."


    "The California Department of Justice said in court documents that the investigation was sparked in part by reports from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children that the site was being used for prostitution."

    So, it's not just the US Government, it's the states, also, and it's not solely about gay sex. I'd hazard a guess that it's more sex trafficking and minor children being involved.

    The Feds may have them on distributing porn or facilitating, but the sex crimes are state and federal crimes.

    Backpage was on law enforcement's radar as far back as 2004 and in 2012 BP was in the news again.
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  20. JayCeeKy

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    The government's attempts to eliminate the world's oldest profession will be another costly and futile exercise in whack-a-mole that is almost always for the benefit of the politicians behind them. This too shall pass.
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