R.I.P. Backpage???

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    I feel bad for the young men and women who relied on the BP escort ads to earn a living. Especially the trans escorts. For many, it was the only low-cost way to attract clients. I wonder what they will do to cope. Will this be the return of street hustlers?
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    Thanks for this link!


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    I imagine it's quite difficult to discern between sex trafficking of a minor and a 20-year-old, open-minded, straight college student, buried in debt, and in need of some quick cash. How does a hosting service tell the difference? How is the hosting service supposed to protect itself?

    It seems to me, "sex trafficking of a minor" is a great smoke and mirror way of eliminating anything that smells of escorting.
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    Sex trafficking of a minor is an enormous and horrendous issue. It's not on the news much because it involves those who cannot speak for themselves, ie young children and immigrants. Also it has nothing to do with Trump. Any efforts to help eliminate this horror will get all my support. The loss of BP, though unfortunate for some of our escorts, may help the effort. If I stand in the minority here, so be it.
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    Thanks ! Haven't seen this site before.
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    I don't think so. Backpage.com is actually in the very center of sex trafficking and looking through the female section made me pretty uncomfertable, especially bacause I know someone who had been kidnapped and trafficked on backpage back in 2013.

    Sad because the male section had some real gems from time to time, but that female escorts section was pretty much a disaster.

    There were very few independently operating females on the site. You have to wonder why.
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    I don't think that's accurate as a blanket statement. It varied widely from one city to another. Here in RDU, NC, there were very many independently operating female escorts who advertised on backpage. I got to know some well enough to have confidence in that statement. These were empowered young women making a living, and liking what they were doing. They were not victims in any sense. (No Andrea Dworkin diatribes, please.)

    I feel sorrier for them even than for the men who are all suddenly without income due to the shutdown.
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    Simultaneously with all this chatter, the Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal from three women who sued Backpage, saying that they had been prostituted through ads there when they were underage, but lower courts said that Backpage was not legally responsible. That doesn't necessarily mean that SCOTUS agrees with Backpage's argument that the medium is not responsible for the message--more than likely, it refused to hear the case because there was a 4-4 tie, so a Trump appointee may very well swing the court against that argument (or maybe not, if he/she is a true conservative and not simply a blue-nose conservative).
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    Exactly my feelings. They will need to scramble to make a living. Hopefully they have a base of regulars that can keep them in business. Although I am not into it at all, it is devastating for trans escorts - BP was THE site for them. I was always amazed to see how many trans escorts used that site exclusively. And for many transgender people, being an escort is the only viable career that pays for hormone treatments, multiple surgeries etc ...
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    Of course, it may be that once BP's adult site is down the government will begin to pick other targets. Certainly one hopes that the government monitors sites so that they will not engage in behavior that encourages kidnapping and trafficking. However, no outlets (I believe) only means that people will do other, riskier things in order to make money to live decently.
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    In LA many of the male escort listings seem to have moved to the male for male dating section. Pics, text, and all- just no mention of rates. I wonder if that will last.
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    I just checked it out. One promising feature of the site is that they make it very easy for users to check if a photo is an original or stolen from somewhere else on the Internet. Sure, you can do a check through Google image search, but not everybody knows how to do that. Skipthegames.com posts a link at the bottom of every photo that basically does all the image-checking work for you.

    Skipthegames seems pretty savvy with their image search feature. Hopefully they turn out to be even savvier regarding underage advertisers. It only takes one underage ad to bring a whole system crashing down.
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    AHA! Same is happening here in RDU.

    Thank you!
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    It seems like this site just scraped the content from Backpage. I wonder if they'll be able to keep it going now that their main source is no longer available.
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    I enjoyed BP's M4M ads as much as anyone, but human trafficking is no joke. The USA likes to ignore the suffering and struggle of those who aren't rich, so we don't hear much about this terrible issue. Like it or not, BP absolutely played a role in recruiting youths to be taken into trafficking and to "sell them" for various services. It wouldn't have been very difficult for BP to create roadblocks for pimps and traffickers but they decided to go after the money those people were spending on ads instead of creating basic protections. As a parent and human being, I have no sympathy for BP's owners or the loss of BP'a adult section. There's simply no way they don't have a pretty good idea of at least the major traffickers just based on ad buys, frequency, etc. They should've done something.

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  18. I don't know how they could shut rentmen down. It's based in the Netherland, not the US and the US government has no control over it AFAIK.

    Only way I could see it being gone is if the government censors sites that are overseas and doesn't allow ISP's to carry the sites. Seems like it would be too much work and if the government starts prohibiting overseas websites like Rentmen we truly have hit rock bottom in this country
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    Not gonna happen, because America is going to Be Great Again...
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  20. A minimum of four yes votes are required to grant certiorari. There are a myriad of other reasons besides ideology why the Court might not grant certiorari.
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