R.I.P. Backpage???

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    No politician or attorney will argue with an organization like The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. That said, I do not believe that shutting down the escort ads on Backpage will stop the exploitation of children, sex trafficking, or child prostitution.

    To argue that the prosecution of Backpage's CEO is harassment is foolish. The New York Times article posted by @azdr0710 states that Backpage's CEO was subpoenaed by a Senate subcommittee to testify about child sex-trafficking ads last year and did not show up. That probably did not bode well for him. This is not quite as stupid as someone who claimed not to be a pimp calling himself "cyberpimp," but it is close. Although we do not prosecute people for stupidity, Carl Ferrer did contribute to his being charged. He could have testified and potentially helped his own cause.
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    I question how they know precisely how many trafficking victims there are if they have only identified 0.4%. Some of the numbers claimed only make sense if more than half the US are customers, which simply can't be the case.
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    I’m sorry, but I refuse to get on the blame the victim bandwagon that seems so popular here. I know a witch hunt when I see one. Backpage would not have gotten a fair hearing from agreeing to testify any more than an accused communist hauled before McCarthy’s “un-American” affairs committee. These Senators have an agenda, and it’s not about protecting kids, it’s about their own self-aggrandizement. As for the organizations, I don’t know if they truly believe the bogus statistics that they peddle, or if they are just so cynical that they will say anything to get donations. Aside from @siper’s observation, I also point out that at the bottom of the page cited, in large boldface type, they repeat the debunked myth that “The average age of a child first forced into the sex slave trade is 13.” That would be outrageous and heartbreaking of course if it were true, but it’s actually a complete fabrication. https://sexworkclients.org/myths-vs-facts/

    Don’t fall for their propaganda. As I pointed out in the other thread, this is not really about minors or sex trafficking. These people describe all sex work as sex trafficking regardless of whether it involves consenting adults. In their ideology, sex work is never truly voluntary; it is always exploitative and immoral. Their real goal is to drive all escort ads off the Internet. Just look at the RB prosecution. They found not a single case of a minor advertising on the webpage, but they are still going to send the CEO to prison. With all due respect, I think people need to wake up to what’s really going on and start fighting back, or it will soon be too late. http://www.message-forum.net/threads/holy-shit-what-hapened-to-backpage.120841/page-2
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    Well the new president is all for building walls so he might want to build a firewall wall too. He could censor websites like the Chinese do.
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    Right now, Obama is still president and this is happening under his administration :( Yes, with people like Pense in his administration, things could get worse.

    I am old enough to remember the time of "Stonewall" in the 1960's when it was illegal in a city like NYC to openly serve a drink at a bar to a gay person. As hard as it may be to some of the younger ones here to imagine, gay bars in NYC were quiet, speakeasy type of places. They mostly existed due to the Mafia paying off the police; the Mafia did not do this out of goodness but to protect its customers as the gay bars bought their liquor through the Mafia at inflated prices as the cost of their protection.
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    I don't disagree with you, I should've specified that I'm talking most cities on the east coast. I can't speak for any other regions.

    And I do have empathy for the escorts who were genuinely there as independent operators in escorting, but I really did notice that, at least on the east coast, there was something very seedy (and not in a good way, lol) about female escorts on backpage.
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    One could also legally post a sign saying that the business would not serve gay persons. There was a popular 24 hour diner in Philadelphia where gay men used to congregate after the bars closed at 2am. Some straight customers complained, and the owner put up a sign that they would not serve "faggots." The first gay civil rights protest I participated in was at the diner (in 1964). A few years ago, I happened to see a photo of me (unidentified) speaking to a customer who was about to enter, explaining to her what the protest was about. After a few days, the owner took down the sign and abandoned the policy, only because he found he was losing too much business due to the publicity and the lack of gay customers, not because of legal action.

    I remember a city I went to in the 1960s (Washington?) where one had to order a drink at the bar and then stay in the same place. If one wanted to move around to speak to others (i.e., cruise), you could not carry your drink with you: the bartender had to carry your drink to the new spot. In Toronto, you had to sit facing the bar and could not turn around from the bar to look around at the other customers.
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    I honestly do Believe that Escorting...as we Know it...Will be a thing of the past.

    I've posted(Along with others) how much I have noticed the Decline over the Years of People who are either serious about Hiring/Following through etc. Basically going through alot of BS Emails before Finding someone who Isnt a Time Waster(I attributed alot of the Lack of Respect of ones time Mostly due to the App's that have now taken over Dating/How one meets a guy)

    When Rentboy was shut down. I spent over Half a Year just being booked by my Regulars and Craigslist. I was Hesitant to sign up for Rentmen granted they wanted Your I.D ....still bothers me. Seriously Thank GOD for my Regulars. if It wasnt for them I would have been Homeless.

    I can only Imagine how many Escorts will be Scrambling to make ends meet if Rentmen were ever to be shut down. Its Scary...
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    Now that I think about it.... The Fact that Rentmen REQUIRES one's ID may help Its site not being labled as Trafficking Children...

    Im not sure If You needed an ID to sign up for Backpage however.

    ALSO I cant really see how the "Review" Websites like Daddy's and the ones on Men4Rentnow that are Written can last....

    Most of this Reviews describe sexual relationships. I fully believe we will see an End to the review sites as well.
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    Let's not get to Armageddon predictions so fast. Please.
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    Interesting replies. I'm bummed by the replies that try and demonize one side or the other. Is it possible this is a "witch hunt" as at least one post said? Sure, but it's also entirely possible it's legitimate.

    We know human trafficking and sexual slavery exists. It's probably existed for the entirety of our species' history. Those of us who are ethical and moral members of the human race have taken a stand against the idea that any of us could be property. That means we must fight human trafficking and modern forms of slavery. It's harder to battle because technology enables greater anonymity for those who kidnap/trick victims into slavery and those who exploit them.

    Sites like Backpage, Craigslist, and more are great places for such criminals to trick people. They can post jobs for "modeling" or whatever, get responses, and find new "properties" to acquire. Since such postings generally require money or other traceable / identifiable actions if you post frequently and extensively, those sites know who is behind the ads in a real way that removes the anonymity.

    I'll freely admit the statistics and data on all of this are difficult to find and assess. It's entirely possible the numbers are smaller than we think, but given all we know about how under reported sexual crimes are, I err on the other side. Plus even if we're "only" talking about 400 ads a month as the TC article below suggests, that's still several hundred CHILDREN who are sexual slaves right now in America and Backpage--like every ethical & moral being/organization--should fight to save them!

  13. I'm afraid skipthegame.com was just a backpage mirror site. I just checked it and their last update is Monday, backpage's last day.
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    I wondered why I never heard of it before.
  15. As liberal as a lot of states are becoming to Marijuana, I'm surprised this country isn't doing the same for prostitution/escorting instead of cracking down on it.

    Providing sites like backpage and rentmen are used there are no victims and who is it hurting?

    I can understand when children are exploited or if someone is forced into it against their will, but with a site like Backpage or Rentmen it's between two consenting adults of their own free will.
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    Unfortunately, I don’t think we can really say that “with a site like Backpage…it’s between two consenting adults of their own free will.” Obviously, in many cases that is true, but it is also well documented that there have been tragic cases where the site was used to traffic minors. I still think that if people use a website to do something terrible, the proper response of LE is to arrest those people instead of shutting down the entire website, but “liberals” like Kamala Harris apparently have a different view. (Ironically, Backpage has frequently helped LE arrest people who were involved in trafficking; with Backpage gone and this activity going further underground, it may actually be harder for LE to identify the perpetrators).

    In any event, I think this explains why we seem to be seeing paradoxical, contrary trends when it comes to legalization/decriminalization of marijuana versus sex work. It’s not that the “abolition,” “end demand” crowd really has the public on their side. Opinion is actually quite divided about the issue as a general matter https://today.yougov.com/news/2015/09/01/country-split-legalizing-prostitution/ Rather, their success is because they have managed to disguise their effort to crack down on all prostitution, about which people are ambivalent, by constantly conflating it with the most abusive forms of prostitution that everyone is against. And as @LivingnLA points out, these abuses are a very legitimate concern. If advocates for decriminalization can find a way to address this concern, I think we will see cultural and legal changes around sex work similar to what we are seeing with respect to marijuana.
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    I also agree I don't think Trump is the cause, like people keep saying. His administration hasn't even started, he can't sign nothing into effect. I think this further makes it true: "years of bullying".

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    Good article, Mocha.
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    Interesting link. I dislike the way the statistics on prostitution and child-trafficking are being produced. They are being quoted as fact when it is clear they are artificial.
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    Yes, Trump is hardly the cause. Last year in California, Democrat and now Senator, Kamala Harris, then the state's attorney general, filled criminal charges against Backpage executives.
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