README: Only put City and specific Dates in Subject.

Discussion in 'Escort Travels' started by Guy Fawkes, Dec 15, 2002.

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  1. Guy Fawkes

    Guy Fawkes Administrator Staff Member

    Please only put the City, and specific Dates in the subject. We delete messages that don't comply and ignore complaints. Click into message for more.

    Notice that the first 200 or so characters will show up as a teaser, and you can do what you will. So you have one or two lines to get your point across and get them to click into the message.

    Some of you have been bending the rule. I would suggest, DON'T! When we're in a hurry, it's much easier to delete than it is to think about it. For example: using "Today" means we have to think about it, and we will tend to delete it.

    Here's an example that would show up well in the message listing:

    Subject: Seattle, 12/20 to 12/27

    Message: Tall, Dark, and Handsome visiting Seattle for the
    Holidays. Need some Holiday Spirit? Reach me at
    (xxx) xxx-xxxx or visit my site at

    All travel plans in the forum are to allow adult fans to meet you for legal entertainment/conversation/companionship only and are not for "sex-for-money." Any mention of sex acts may cause your post to be deleted.

    3rd party posts will be deleted on sight. You must post your own travel items.
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  2. Guy Fawkes

    Guy Fawkes Administrator Staff Member

    If I'm bored I may make minor edits; I have been known to go on seek and destroy missions. It depends on my mood.

    BTW: Having a nice avatar add's to the user experience. Do you really want to be a question mark?
  3. Cooper

    Cooper Administrator

    Reminder: Travel plans can only be posted by an escort who's a member of the site.
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