Reince Priebus It was Russia After All.

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    "severely hurt"? I think what really hurt Hillary was her decades in Washington and the $zillions she made by dry-humping the big banks because that track record branded her the ultimate establishment insider in an election when voters were raging against DC and Wall Street. I can't find it now, but one pollster did a terrific post-mortem about what hurt Hillary most, and it was actually her "deplorables" comment because it galvanized Trump supporters and alienated many in the traditional Democrat (now abandoned) base of blue-collar voters. Liberals desperately want to think that it's all that darn Putin's fault because they can't bear responsibility for choosing such a disastrous candidate.
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    If foreign interference is the Dems greatest threat to democracy....

    Why was Obama involved in the Israel election?
    Why was Obama involved in the Brexit vote?
    Why was Obama involved in the Elections in Ukraine?
    Why was Obama supporting Merkel in her 2013 election?
    Why was Obama funding Golos election monitor in Russia election?

    Russia did NOT write the DNC or Podesta's email. Dems did!!! The sexism, homophobia, racism, and plan to undermine Bernie were not something invented by the Russians. It was written by democrat operatives. NOBODY has questioned the accuracy of what was reported. The dems are just upset they got caught.

    And btw:
    Obama worked against Netanyahu -- Netanyahu won; Obama worked against Brexit -- Brexit won; Obama supported the Ukrainian protesters and the resulting protests were at least the excuse Russia used to invade; last Obama worked against Trump and for Hillary -- Trump won. There is a pattern here and it has nothing to do with Russia.

    America Will Be Great Again
    12 days to go

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    Where did I ever say that we should ignore Russian hacking? Congress is already investigating hacks, so any further calls to investigate hacking is merely an exercise in redundancy. What I did say is that liberals should focus on cleaning up the mess they've made. In the last eight years, you lost a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate and now are a 48-seat minority. You lost a strong majority in the House, and it doesn't look like you'll be getting the House back any time soon. You used to have a majority of governorships, but the GOP now has 34 of 50 governors. You used to have the majority of state legislatures, but Republicans have made a net gain of ~1,000 state legislators and now have control of 68 of 99 state legislative chambers. Last but certainly not least, despite the most powerful get-out-the-vote machine in the history of American politics and $1.2 billion of campaign & PAC money, Democrats lost the White House. The issue of Russian hacking is a highly dubious cause for Hillary's loss and has absolutely nothing to do with all the other losses.

    Dear liberals, your party is in a state of catastrophe, yet you remain in a state of denial, as evidenced by this obsession that Putin somehow swayed our presidential election. You have lost almost everything there was to lose at both the state and federal level and will likely suffer even more losses in the 2018 Senate elections, with no chance of regaining the House. Blathering on "but Putin! but Putin! but Putin!" will not reverse the outcome of the last eight years of Democrat disaster nor will it help the 10 Dem Senators defending seats in 2018.
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    In the 2018 mid-terms, Democrats will be defending ten Senate seats in states won by Trump whereas the GOP is defending only one in a Hillary state (Heller in Nevada). Ever since Hillary's loss, Democrats have been screaming to Trump's new coalition of the disaffected working class that they voted for him because "you're RACIST!" In about a year, Democrats will have to go back into those Trump states and try to convince Trump's voters, "the Democrats are on your side!!"

    Yeah, good luck with that.
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    Actually. perhaps we owe the Russians/Wiki etc... a debt of gratitude for exposing the factual dark side and duplicity of Hillary, her media hounds and DNC INC.

    It's Over,

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    The solution is simple. Stop blaming the liberals for supposedly linking the hacking with the Democratic loss. Because it seems to me, the Republicans are the ones that seem overly concerned with this link, and IMO are using it as a smokescreen to devalue the importance of the hacking on its own terms. Even (and most importantly) the president-elect, who is so concerned with winning, uber alles - seems more afraid that the results of the hacking are going to delegitimize his win than he is that any hacking took place.

    It's time that the Russian hacking was treated as the sole issue, regardless of how or if it had anything to do with the election itself. And it's time that the Republicans stop playing their own childish games by claiming that this is all about Hillary's loss and sour grapes on the liberals' part. Especially when mr. "I alone can fix it" trump is so head over heels in love with Putin and all things Russia that he can't see straight to understand that there actually is a problem that needs fixing.
  7. I do not think Hillary lost because of Russian influence, and I agree that influencing each other is an extended practice (although we are talking here about a massive operation, according to the Inteligence agencies).

    What I find interesting is that Trump supporters accept Russian interference without asking the obvious question, which is why an adversary power would want their candidate to win. I am sure Putin had in mind the best for American people and interests.
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    Here is additional stuff that the Lefty Lady said. No, Bozo and BSR, you do not have to watch it. I would never expect anybody or everybody to agree with the Lefty Lady. Just adding it to the conversation as additional fodder.

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    Refresh my memory. Has anybody here actually stated that the Russians were 100% responsible for her loss? I'm scratching my head as to why so many are being accused of thinking that when it never crossed my mind. Regardless, she still won the popular vote by roughly three million even if it didn't count in the end. Yet Trump himself shouldn't be too uber confident thinking the "majority" of America is behind him, especially since there were still a great many adult citizens in this country who didn't vote for anybody, let alone him. Just because they didn't vote for her doesn't mean they all adore him.
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  10. It's impossible to know exactly how the hacked information affected the vote, particularly since people often make decisions based on more than a single factor. But perhaps a more salient question is why Trump supporters (and the Republicans) no longer consider Russia an adversary other than because Trump doesn't. We may have a common interest in going after Islamic State, but Russia's record in the Middle East, religious biases and willingness to target anyone, civilians included, to achieve its ends make it an unreliable partner. Otherwise, its foreign policy is cynically imperialist.
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    Oh and Comey finding it necessary to say that there may be, some info about the missing emails on phone taps on another case but then again perhaps not.
    Bozo, you are clearly walking behind the elephants too often because you clearing can't smell a big lump of shit when it is right under your nose. Gone Big Red Nose Blind.
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    When items are stolen, as these items were and then released, the thief gets to pick and choose what is released and context is lost.
    I suggest that RNC information may be better as blackmailing than blackballing, but I guess only Mr Putin and the criminal Assange know the answer. LOCK HIM UP LOCK HIM UP LOCK HIM UP. Oh my, some sort of seizure there. After all, several years confined to an Embassy to side step the law probably is the best we can expect. Once mr trump in the WH how long before Mr. Assange is invited to a WH Dinner, perhaps caviar with Mr. Putin. Remember when Republicans called Russians Commies, instead of Comrade. Ah, the good old day.
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    I notice a sizeable swing in peoples opinions after the "deplorable" comment. THAT is when I really started hearing people say they'd had ENOUGH of Hillary's smug entitlement....particularly women in Middle America. I don't know a SINGLE person who changed their vote because of the DNC hacking. It was quite disturbing in fact that many Democrats don't CARE how corrupt their own spokespeople are...but are quick to dump all over a Republican for the slightest infraction.
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    Please cite your source that important information was hacked from the RNC. All I can find is like the link above that the Russians (or a 400 pound man sitting on his bed) failed to have a successful hack of the RNC.
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    Here is the report updated for January 6, 2017 as discussed by Lefty Lady above in the video.

    "Russia collected on some Republican-affiliated targets but did not conduct a comparable disclosure campaign."


    "We assess Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the US presidential election. Russia’s goals were to undermine public faith in the US democratic process, denigrate Secretary Clinton, and harm her electability and potential presidency. We further assess Putin and the Russian Government developed a clear preference for President-elect Trump."

    Now... how much are "some" Republican-affiliated targets? Enough to cause harm to the Republican Party later if that party does not operate the way Putin wants them to? I am only questioning here. Correct me here... am I misreading something?
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    You sir, are exactly the kind of person that the Russians did not need to influence. Others of a slightly more discerning nature but still pretty blind to the inadequacies of the Republican candidate might well have been pushed. You apparently just dove in.
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    "some" needs to be defined but according to the FBI "some" does not include the RNC. The FBI says there were attempts at the RNC but they were not successful. It has been reported that "some" includes some personal email accounts but not ones of any significance like John Podesta whose password was "password" :) Until more is released, it is impossible to make the assumption either way of the importance of the "collected materials" but due to the nature of OUR government leaks, if there was something important,I believe it would be out.
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    Incorrect evaluation, Kow. I didn't vote for Trump. I simply despise Clinton.
  20. You are overlooking the following:

    "Sources close to investigation also told the newspaper that the attempted attack on the RNC was much less persistent and aggressive than the effort against Democratic officials.

    According to the report, hackers targeted only a single email account of a former RNC staffer."

    Was it really due to GOP cybersecurity being that good or because the GOP hacking efforts were not as pervasive or determined?
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