Reince Priebus It was Russia After All.

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  1. You may be right about the effect of the Clinton's comment. But that, as well as the substance of the emails, is more a matter of being impolitic than corrupt. At any rate, you are quick to pull out "the other side is equally as hypocritical" card, which is substantively irrelevant and such an echo of Trump supporters' talking points that it's not surprising that you are frequently mistaken for a Trump supporter.

    Your apparent identification with Republicans here confuses me; I would have expected more independence of thought and rhetoric from a professed libertarian. Perhaps I am wrong about that. Or perhaps you are more motivated by your hatred of Clinton and/or have convenient rather than coherent political views.

    I actually think trolling/misinformation and fake news, which the Russians also engaged in, and Comey's last-minute announcement of what turned out to be a non-existent link between State Department servers and the Weiner investigation were more influential than the DNC emails, but once again, it's impossible to know for sure.
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  2. I am a supporter of REALITY in politics. I am never blind to the hypocrisy and failure in any politician. I am also not quick to buy into the popular media narratives we are being fed. I THINK about what's ACTUALLY going on...NOT just accept what we are being told.
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    According to US Intelligence reporting, Russia has used fake news and internet trolls to discredit, not just Hillary Clinton, but the US system of democracy. I wonder how the Russians decided which of their professional trolls should be assigned to a MFM escort review forum and how he or she reacted to getting the assignment? I doubt that the clown or one of his more obvious cohorts is our Russian sponsored troll. Their posts are too outrageous to have any credibility. But it could be someone else! Мы знаем, кто ты!
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    Facts: The Russians hacked Democratic sources and leaked info that cast Hillary in a negative light. (According to the FBI)
    The Russians did not interfere in the mechanics of the election. (According to the FBI)
    There is no clear evidence that the Russians caused Trump to win the election. (According to the FBI)
    Trump says he does not believe the Russians were behind the hacks, nor that they did it to help him. (According to his own statements)
    Trump says he does not believe the intelligence community is competent. (According to his own statements)
    Important Republicans in Congress are concerned about the possible Russian involvement in the election. (Individual statements by Republican members)

    Inferences: The Russians wanted Trump to win the election, because he is easier to bamboozle/he admires Putin/he has financial interests to protect/they have info to blackmail him. (Dems)
    The Russians didn't want Hillary to win because she is a bigger danger than Trump to Russian/Putin's interests. (Dems and some Republicans)
    The intelligence community is working with the Democrats to de-legitimize Trump's election, because they don't trust him. (Trump and his supporters)
    The anti-Trump Republicans believe the intelligence community because they want an excuse to weaken or get rid of Trump. (Trump supporters)
    Trump knows the Russians are behind the hacks, but is too psychologically insecure to admit it. (Dems)
    Hillary would have won the election if it hadn't been for the Russians (Dems)

    As usual, the inferences, not the facts, are the source of most of the arguments.
  5. FACT: Trump is destined to upset the geo-political norms of Globalist Elite money laundering.
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    That's a prediction, not a fact.
  7. I appreciate a healthy skepticism. But combined with your belief that indirect (and potentially fallacious or misleading) evidence of what various political figures think about each other (i.e., gossip) is meaningful, you seem to be more of a gleeful nihilist or a conspiracy theorist than a skeptic.
  8. How do you know that Trump is not part and parcel of this so-called money laundering? He profits from projects all over the world; his businesses do not confine themselves to US labor or supplies; and as much as he tries to position himself as anti-elite, he is part of the business and social (albeit not intellectual) elite; and he refuses to disclose (or, so far, divest) his financial interests.
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  9. I am not a Trump spokesperson. I am discussing my analysis of what facts I have. I can't possibly KNOW in absolute terms what Trump is up to...I don't even think he knows yet. But, overall Trump has plenty of money, he's in this for his ego and his ego will NOT be fulfilled with failure, so my conclusion is that he WANTS to make significant change to the lumbering bureaucracy that Washington has become. Beyond that opinion it's all wait-n-see.
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    Hmmmm And here I thought Madame Cleo died this year. What other facts of the future can you tell us?
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    I recently got into it with a family member who insisted in spite of Trump's apology of sorts that liberals actually manufactured the Access Hollywood tape. In spite of all evidence to the contrary partisan extremists will create their own reality. Trump's sexism and racism are well documented by Trump himself. I'm good with conservatives who vote conservative because of the political ideologies they believe in, the direction they want the country to take, and the direction that they don't want it to take. Most of my more resolute conservative friends and family members recognize Trump for what he is. I can respect that my friends will always vote along party lines, and certainly understand that they could never vote for Clinton. Bozos who ignore Trump's actions, history, and words are what scare me about this country these days.

    I picked up Garry Trudeau's retrospective thirty year collection of Trump-related Doonesbury cartoons, "Yuge!" A few Tennessee and Kentucky friends were surprised to discover that Trump's reputation exists across such a long range, and so far prior to any cause for a Democrat conspiracy. Some Trump fans are just unhinged obsessive partisans, but there are many outside of NY business and culture who have no idea who he truly was or is. In the world of partisan politics it's easy to create a false history without this context.
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    Trump's finances are not public knowledge as he has failed to reveal them. His wealth is open to speculation but he is widely held to be significantly less wealthy than he claims. So money may indeed be a motivation. If it weren't why not divest. No one is talking about his divesting his interests and his cancelled press conferences to explain his plan to divest. In my opinion, like an idiot savant with a laser beam, trump likes moving the target and keeping the media cat jumping around with no interest other than in showing how much he can control it. Ascribing any motivation to him at this time is speculative, but correcting a lumbering bureaucracy is hardly high on the list. This is a man who is proud of his ability to use the system to his advantage, he really has no need to change it, after all he has maneuvered it to get where he is today, the most despised man in America. Tomorrow the World!!!!!!
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  13. It's quite a leap to go from globalist elite money laundering to lumbering bureaucracy. Can you please help a poor benighted reader figure out how you got from one to the other?
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    How long have you known her?
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    As trump is not known to have any rational relationship with facts, I will assume that this supposed "financial disclosure" is full of typically trumpian whimsy and fantasy. (Remember trump's "medical report?")

    His tax returns are bound to have (one would suspect) more accurate information. Unfortunately, they are in eternal audit, at least according to the great tale-spinner-in-chief elect. (I actually find it absolutely remarkable that, with all the tweets trump likes to hurl at those he considers incompetent, that he hasn't been tweeting attacks at the IRS for being so slow with those audits. I mean, what could possibly be taking so long?)
  17. Long enough.
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    Lawrence O'Donnell pointed out before the election that we don't actually know that Trump is under an audit. He could very easily produce the letter from the IRS stating that he is being audited, but as far as I know, he hasn't even done that.
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    The tax returns would not disclosure ownership percentages or estimated worth, as provided on the financial disclosure. The tax returns would indicate actual pass through income or loss for the year from each of the 500 plus entities, rather than the estimated amounts presented in the disclosure. But would in no way be an indicator of the value of those entities.
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    Good point. And oh, those imaginary audits are the most brutal of all, aren't they? The IRS will never be finished with those - quite literally. :p