Reince Priebus It was Russia After All.

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    I like the term "estimated worth" as applied to trump. He does like to, um, estimate, especially when it's convenient to his image and brand.

    BOZO T CLOWN Count

    As the election results showed, the American voters didn't care about Mr. Trump's income tax returns. They cared about jobs, terrorism, immigration, and national security.
    Hence, Mr. Trump is now President-elect Trump.

    America Will Be Great Again
    11 days to go

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    And while Sarah Palin could see Russia from her house, I guess Putin could see America from His ????
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    I assume you mean her personae and not her personally. If you do know her, then you may very was "hate" her as you describe. If you do not, you may hate what you read about her, you may hate what you know about her, but hating her would be impossible as you do not know her. It also would seem hate for her would have little to do with her ability to do a job you are hiring her to do, in this case, it was President of the United States.
    I hate Hitler's actions. I hate Hitler's policies and politics, but as I did not know him, although I believe that I would have hated him, I would never claim to hate him. So do you hate her from perfectly acceptable personal interaction or are you just allowing your disagreement with her policies override your emotions and spewing hate when you really mean disagree? I ask, only in that hating her personally I could never contest.
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  7. Even that wouldn't prove he is still being audited for those periods.
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    The last GOP nominee to refuse to release his tax returns was Richard Nixon, and look at how well that turned out for the Republicans, and America in general. Trump will obviously never release his tax returns, and the GOP is powerless to make him do so, but post-Trump, I think it's a good idea for the GOP to require all candidates to release their tax returns prior to the start of the primary season.
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    I believe that voters by and large make their choices along party lines. Someone may provide data to prove me wrong, but I believe that the vote swings based on turnout. Clinton did not campaign to areas where she needed turnout, and even when she did her overall message was very appealing to her supporters but did not inspire doubtful moderates and liberals to come out and vote for her. Nonetheless, most Trump voters I know cared about getting liberals out of the White House and the Court, not Trump's jingoistic populist agenda.

    You're right that some American voters didn't care about Trump's tax returns. This was a shrewd move on his part, since his returns likely contain information voters should and would care about. I do, however, personally know of a fair number of Trump-voting conservatives who do care about Trump's tax returns, conflicts of interest, business failures and shady dealings, populist posture, and his overall disgusting misogynistic character. Not caring about tax returns means not caring about at least some of those issues, and voters should care.

    BSR is correct, in my opinion. Disclosure is important, whether voters "care" or not. Trump was also fortunate enough to have an opponent so popular that voters are willing to disregard or compromise on key issues they might otherwise care about. The Republican Party did not want Trump. The Democratic Party adored Clinton when clearly they should not have backed her. If the parties selected candidates based on standards we could have had a very different election, and could have had a president-elect who doesn't need to hide and dismiss so much about himself.
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  10. To be fair, Nixon's problems did not stem from the information in his tax returns but from his paranoia and vindictiveness. However, one form his vindictiveness took was to use the IRS to harass his opponents. That led to legislation making it a crime to disclose taxpayer information.