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  1. MikeThomas

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    So I go into this morning and half of the ads are now behind their paywall, i.e., for members only.
  2. Devon

    Devon Apprentice

    The profiles open without logging in. This may the transition period but you can still view them today. I wonder if this is a big change upcoming.
  3. MikeThomas

    MikeThomas Knight

    Thanks Devon, you are right. Odd thing is, even when logged in as a member, a lot of ads are still behind a members only flag. You would think that when logged in as a member that would go away.
  4. CatnameFelix

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    I wonder what this does to an escorts' business. I don't have a paying membership, I haven't had a chance to go to to what's there now, but more and more things are going in a direction where I'll be forced to stop. You are already losing the ability to see what sexual positions a guy is. And being a top, taking a gamble on a guy is not really an option as it's a bottom's market.
  5. bobchitown

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    I'm not experiencing this. I'm logged in as a regular unpaid member. I looked at 3 or 4 cities and all the ads seem to be available, I'm not seeing any "members only flags".
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  6. maninsoma

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    You must still be using and not, but even then I see the position information in the list of ads on, just not when I open a specific ad. I don't know why so many people here still posts links to instead of since the former has a fair amount of information omitted from the ad such as position and the safe sex answer.
  7. maninsoma

    maninsoma Viscount

    I'm not logged in, either, and I don't see anything different today....yet.
  8. CatnameFelix

    CatnameFelix Knight

    No, I use I was talking about which now hides positions. Also, on my phone hides position too. I don't know what hiding positions is suppose to protect when you already advertising as an escort.
  9. MikeyGMin

    MikeyGMin Viscount

    Something is in flux or just a change in policy we are not privy to. For now, it seems to be limited to their mobile version. When you go to the full site from a tablet nothing is blocked.
  10. PapaTony

    PapaTony Knight and are both working fine for me, an unpaid member
  11. bashful

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    I'm not a member of I got the "member" overlay on very early this morning on my iPad, but now, no overlay on either laptop or iPad.
  12. Axiom2001

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    If you have questions about, just send the webmaster an email for answers. I did this about the reviews which are now very basic and devoid of any written
    account of the client's direct experience with the escort. The webmaster wrote back stating that he'd decided to make some changes; ...can't remember whatever else that he cited, but his message to me was received cordially.
  13. Despardo

    Despardo Count

    I am a paid subscriber to and have noticed no changes. If I don't log in, I don't get position or inches, etc.

    As for M4RNow, they have not included "position" or rates for years now. I get the feeling that it is a dying site.
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  14. rickp

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    Well that is very curious. When I log out of my account, and attempt to browse ads, some of the ads are labeled "premium members only".
  15. I was wondering the same thing. Why on earth would they expect people to pay for a membership to view ads when the escort is already paying to advertise. If I were an escort on Rentmen I would have a huge problem with members being expected to pay to look at my ad when I am paying to advertise and it's cutting down on the number of people that can view my ads
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  16. Despardo

    Despardo Count

    Perhaps because RM is now virtually the only show in town. No other reliable site has their range of advertisers or better visuals. If they are charging for "premium" usage (there are advantages) now, I wouldn't expect them to change their business model in favor of the client, regarding cost anyway. They have improved the overall quality of the site, allowing for the loss of written reviews and a few other useful personal details regarding services offered (but that was done for legally defensive reasons.)
  17. I have nothing to support this other than my own experience running my website - I'm wondering if there's just some new software and they're playing around with it. I know that a lot of the software packages that are used to run a website will have options to show or hide certain items based on whether or not you're logged in. I wonder if they have some settings for mobile or for logged out profiles that are the issue and not an attempt to make people pay or hide escort profiles. Perhaps they are just futzing around with settings.

    I agree with what @Axiom2001 stated - if you have any questions, shoot the webmaster an email. I, too, have found a cordial and prompt response.
  18. I wouldn't be surprised if they head in a direction where everyone has to be a premium member of some level; even if it's not a monthly charge but a one time thing.

    This would offer some pros and cons- including vetting clients; at the expense of most likely driving away lots who need utmost discretion and don't want to register / pay and have their information out there.

    Also drives away law enforcement; though if law enforcement really wanted to scratch this itch they could probably file papers to have a department spring for the requisite capital to do so- I think reading the request forms and red tape would be interesting.

    Perhaps a key component of driving people towards premium accounts is over fake messages. This would be to crack down on some of the 'bullshit' going on with people such as 'He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named". The makeup wearing queen is still up to her old tricks, sending out messages through Rentmen accounts created and used ONCE. Their sole purpose is the same drivel and bitter nonsense as before. Same misspellings, bad grammar, and run on sentences. Sticks out like a sore thumb; I have to forward emails to Rentmen at least once a week over harassing emails / fake appointments He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named sends in.

    By leaning towards Premium accounts, the self-review-writing Unnamed would be rendered unable to do her little tricks.

    On the original issue of different displays on Rentmen:
    Another possibility- given that some people are getting this message while others aren't, is it possible that the display of sexual position preference and activities offered is restricted in countries where it's less tolerant of gay activity? And displays openly in others?
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  19. After using the website for a while, the ads basic (photos)were no longer visible. I had a simple solution. I stopped using their website. Problem solved.
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