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    One of if not the favorite hotel for M4M's in Rio is the Atlantico Copacabana. Here is the information:
    By having a printed email confirmation from either Lis Azevedo or Monica in Reservations, you won't have a problem, you win if there is a dispute!
    Here is the contact information if you don't have it:

    Hotel Atlantico Copacabana, Rua Siqueira Campos, 90, Copacabana-Rio
    Tel. (21) 2548-0011 Fax: (21) 2235-7941
    Email is : Attn: Monica or Liz.
    Website is

    By having a printed email confirmation from either Lis Azevedo or Monica in Reservations, you won't have a problem, you win if there is a dispute!
    I sent a email to her as I was talking on the phone so she had my correct email address, as trying to say it over the phone leaves a question as to whether or not they have got it correctly, as we were talking, she said, Oh, ok I have it, I will send a confirmation number right back, and within 15 mins. I had it!
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    For those looking for an apartment to stay in, several M4Mers (including yours truly) have used Odilo's comfortable and convenient studio apartment. It can be viewed at and you can e-mail Odilo at Odilo's apartment DOESN'T have a stove, but it has everything else, including air-conditioning, cable TV with English channels, a microwave, refrigerator and coffee-maker. It's very quiet and pleasant, and within walking distance of the saunas and subway. Odilo is a fellow M4Mer who is originally Brazilian but has lived in the U.S. for decades, so he is obviously M4M friendly!

    Carlo and Mike, who are discussed in more detail, with contact info, under Rio - Touring, can also help you find furnished apartments.

    I've also rented from Copacabana Holiday apartments, at r. Barata Ribeiro, 90 (near Ronald de Carvalho). E-mail: Phones: (21) 2542-1525/2543-1477. English is spoken.
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    Premier Hotel

    Premier Hotel is directly next door to Estacao. I stayed twice in luxury suite, where you have a bed room with double bed, and a sitting room. Both the luxury suite and the standard room have a frig with small bar, a safe, and free high speed connection to the Internet which unfortunately does not work all the time, but when it works it is very nice to have. There is also a TV with at least 2 English language channels, BBC, and CNN. The rooms are very clean well kept and the service in general is very good. You get a free breakfast too.
    I did not try to bring any one to my room, hence I do not know what their policy about visitors is. The location of the Premier is great and very comparable to the Atlantico. The rooms are relatively quite but for the noise of the individual room air-conditioner.
    I booked the first time through a travel agency here in USA, and paid $95 per day for luxury suite, I paid only $85 for the same during my second stay. (The Brazilian Real dropped as compared to the Dollar in-between). During my last stay in December 2002 I paid about $63 for standard room with double bed. The current rate at maybe about $45 per day plus taxes..
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    Any hotel in Rio


    Any of you guys can use our services at Romanus ( in helping you find accomodations at a reasonable rate, be it at private apartments, b&b, and some hotels as we have agreement and special prices with a couple of good ones such as Rio Orla, Atlantis Copa and now we just closed a deal with M4M's favourite: Atlântico...

    Our rates are really special and in R$....

    Um forte abraço,

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    RE: Any hotel in Rio

    EXCELLENT! It's about time the Atlântico started offering an M4M rate!

    I haven't stayed at the Premier myself, but it looks attractive. It's certainly a good Plan B if the Atlântico is full, because it's less than a block away. You can view it at Another nearby hotel (Plan C?) is the Royalty. Besides being convenient to the saunas, all of these hotels are very, very close to the new Siqueira Campos metro station for excursions to Club 117 in Gloria and other tourist attractions in town.

    Of course, there are many other options, as there are dozens of hotels in the area. If you want beach front, there's the Copacabana Palace (for top-of-the-line, understated glamour), right across from the gay beach, or it's next-door neighborhood, the very attractive Excelsior. American-style creature comforts on the beachfront can be found at the Marriott, which is conveniently located near Figueiredo Magalhaes (the street that leads to Estacão and the Citibank ATM). Have fun deciding where to stay!
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    RE: "Motels" (Hotels-by-the-hour)

    For the guys you don't dare bring back to your hotel (like the mystery men you might meet hanging out around Corujinha) there's the Hotel Lido, at the corner of r. Ronald de Carvalho and Min. Viveiros de Castro, not far from the Copacabana Palace. Viveiros de Castro is an intermediate street that parallels and is in between Av. Copacabana and r. Barata Ribeiro, the two main arteries of Copacabana.

    There are others in Copacabana, but the Lido is convenient, reasonable, clean and gay-friendly.
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    RE: Atlantico Prices

    Would some of you be kind enough to list some specific rates- in US or Br. R. that you have paid in the past at the Atlantico- or for new reservations you have made? Is it usually cheaper to make a reservation directly with the hotel or do the on-line hotel sites have better rates? Thanks.
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    RE: Atlantico Prices

    the last two times I have stayed at the Atlantico I have paid $180. Reias per night for the Exec. suite. that is a two room suite, with a small living room with table, couch and TV and a bathwith a jaxuzzi tub and suana(which no one ever uses!)You get this rate if you ask for it. Especially anytime after Mar, and before Dec.
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    RE: Royal Rio

    The Royal Rio is a new hotel on r. Duvivier in Copacabana that has become popular with M4Mers. It's a handsome place decorated in post-modern style, along the lines of the W hotels in the U.S. Prices are about the same as at the Atlântico (as of this writing).

    The Royal Rio is a bit less convenient than the Atlântico, being five or six blocks away from the saunas, but they're still within walking distance, and it makes up for the difference in decor and comfort. For those who don't want to walk, the Arcoverde metro station is just about a block from the hotel and you can always take the metro one stop to Siqueira Campos for fun at Estação and Point 202. Of course, the metro will also take you to 117 and sights downtown.

    You can check out the hotel at Your best bet is to make your reservations through Carlo (see his post above) because he's worked out favorable rates for M4Mers both at the Royal Rio and at the Atlântico. He can also reserve rooms at other hotels, of course, and help set up your travel arrangements elsewhere in Brazil if you plan to branch out from Rio.
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    Please post info about Rio hotels, apartments, "motels" (hotels-by-the-hour) here.