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    Please post info about Rio saunas, bars, meeting places and other gay venues here.
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    RE: Rio - Escorts Outside of Saunas

    There are a number of escort agencies and independent escorts in Rio. They may not speak much English, in which case you may need to have an English-speaking friend/interpreter help you with arrangements. Some of the guides mentioned here in Escorts South can help you (in some cases for a small fee).

    One of the premier agencies in Rio is Apollus, at It is undergoing changes in ownership/management. The former owner, Alex, speaks fluent English, but I don't know how the English-language situation is at the moment. You'll just have to find out for yourself and report back to the board! Although (11) is the area code for São Paulo, and (21) the area code for Rio, in this case reservations and inquiries may all be through SP until their new business structure shakes out.

    Other Rio agencies and some independent escorts can be found by going to and then clicking on Escorts.

    Some independent escorts advertise in the classified sections of the major dailies, "O Globo" and "Jornal do Brasil." There don't seem to be as many since the advent of the Internet and the increase in the number of saunas.

    Last, but certainly not least, you can check the "Escort Reviews" here on M4M, under "Mexico & South America."
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    RE: Rio - Escorts Outside of Saunas

    I will comment on my area of expertise...Suanas!
    All of the suanas are open every day with the exception of Club 117 on Mondays. Generally from 3:00 to Midnight, with 5:00 to 10:00 being the prime hours.
    1)Pointe 202, blocks west of the Atlantico Hotel on Siquiero Campos
    Large, new, nice rooms, and on Saturdays, well over 30 boys there when they have their strip/drag show! During the week typically 15 - 20 boys there.

    2)Estacio, 3/4 of a block south of the Atlantico, on Tonelero
    Owned by Junior who also owns 202, smaller then 202, in a older restored house, I like it, a more "intimate" feeling then 202, and very busy on Mondays(when the boys from 117 which is closed come there) and on Fridays when they have their strip shows. I found Saturdays to be the slowest with the fewest number of boys, around 10-12

    3)Club 117, take the Subway across the street from Atlantico, North to the 6th stop, Gloria, go up the stairs, walk to the end of the block turn left to Rua Mendes, and about 1/2 block on the left is Club 117, Large, on three floors, with a bar/lounge on the main level and downstairs past the locker room another bar/lounge has been added. Always at least 15 to 20 guys here and on Thurs to Sunday usually has 20+. Has large rooms with round beds/mirrors and showers in each room.

    4)Spa 73, about a 25 min cab ride from Copa/Atlantico. On Three levels, long, narrow bar lounge are, fewer boys then the other suanas, but some real quality ones there! The women who own it are very friendly and are very customer serviced oriented. When you get ready to leave, they ask how everything was(a first!) and send a boy to get a cab for you at the door(necessary as not a great area to be wandering around in)
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    RE: Rio - Escorts Outside of Saunas

    There is a misprint ont eh previous post I wrote, under pointe 202 suana, it is supposed to read: 2 blocks west of the Atlantico Hotel
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    RE: Rio - Sauna Reviews

    Also, don't forget to go to the "Escort Reviews" section, then to "Mexico and South America" and then to "Brazilian Saunas" for detailed reviews and information about the saunas, especially in the very first review (the semi-world-famous one that got this whole tropical snowball rolling)!

    One correction to Tomcal's post: the correct name of the "Estacio" sauna is "Estação" (Station) because it's located right across the street from the Figueiredo Magalhães entrance to the new Siqueira Campos metro station.

    In addition to the saunas Tomcal mentions, there is also "Meio Mundo," downtown, which Carlo recommends for Monday afternoons. Another new sauna whose advertising implies it has escorts (but which I haven't checked out yet) is in Arpoador, the transition zone between Copacabana and Ipanema. It's called "by69" and you should be able to find info about it (and the other saunas) using the message center search function and restricting your search to the Escorts South of the U.S.A. board.
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    RE: Rio - Sauna Reviews

    We finally got a pretty thorough update of all Rio's bars, nightclubs and saunas in our site:

    Go there and go to the where to go section and you shall find an updated listing of all bars, nightclubs and saunas... (and I made sure to specify which of them carried boys and the ones who didn't).... with their addresses and phone numbers.

    Enjoy it!!!!

    Carlo Romano

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    RE: Rio - Sauna Reviews

    Hi, I received the following from Alex of Apollus Agency. He has retired from the business, himself, and is embarking on a change of career. However, the agency continues in business. Reservations need to be made through the Sao Paulo phone number (the one with the 11 area code). Nicholas is their new English-speaking manager (who also escorts, I think!).

    Anyway, this is from Alex:

    Apollus Escort Service wishes to inform you that the general
    direction of our Service has moved to Sao Paulo. Our
    international department is now managed by Mr.
    Nicholas who will take care of you all and be pleased to provide info about our Apollus Boys, rates and general info.
    I hope all of you continue to use our Escort
    Service and thank you for your kind attention. Best

    Ex International Manager, Apollus Escort Service
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    RE: Rio - Sauna Reviews

    On the Romanus Club website, there is listed a sauna named GUETO on Rua Parde Telêmaco 111A, Cascadura and it is indicated that hustlers work there. Where exactly is this place? Is the set-up the same as the other saunas like Club 117, Point 202,...? I have never heard of this place. Also, I was wondering if you give gay nighttime tours to hit bars, saunas, hot spots, etc. I might be interested in taking one. Obrigado. Robb
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    RE: Rio - Sauna Reviews

    Hallo Robb,

    As a matter of fact Gueto isn't actually a sauna but a sex club just like Gayligola in Fátima. According to what I heard from some visitors customers go there and engage in their sexual activities in front of everybody. They reported that there were a couple of "michês" there too. Cascadura is about 40-50 min. ride from Copacabana. Therefore I can only suggest you to go there after you've done the complete circuit of saunas in Copacabana, downtown and Praça da Bandeira, for Cascadura is very far away. But probably the boys from Cascadura aren't the same that you will see in Copacabana and Glória... and they are not as exposed to foreigners as the ones in these two tourist spots, thus for I'd assume that you would be the one to be disputed on a place such as Gueto.

    As for tours, of course we arrange for night a matter of fact our personalised tours can take and do anything our customers want to see... be it bars, Via Ápia, far away saunas, out of city tours such as Niterói, Paraty, Petrópolis, hanggliding etc...

    You just say what you need and if we can't provide it we shall direct you to whomever can....

    Um abraço,

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    RE: Directions to Popular Venues

    With the exception of Club 117, to which you need to take the metro or a taxi, all of the most popular M4M venues are within two or three blocks of the Atlântico Copacabana hotel, and not at all difficult to find. Copacabana is laid out on a grid plan, so there's no maze to get lost in. If you can handle South Beach or Waikiki (or even Manhattan, above 14th Street) you won't have the slightest problem in Copacabana.

    When you arrive in Rio you will most likely find someone giving out free pocket-sized city maps in the customs and immigration area. (The AT&T ones are really excellent, but H. Stern's are also useful.)

    The Atlântico is located on the corner of r. Toneleros and r. Siqueira Campos. Toneleros is the fourth main drag in Copacabana parallel to the beach. (The four main avenues are oceanfront Av. Atlântica, followed by Av. Copacabana, r. Barata Ribeiro, and r. Toneleros.) Siqueira Campos is one of the main cross-streets running between the beach and the mountains. Directly across Siqueira Campos from the Atlântico is one of the entrances to the new Metro station. Until the Metro is extended, several years from now, this station is the Copacabana end of Line 1, so it's hard to get lost using the Metro!

    From the Atlântico, Point 202 is about 2 blocks to the right out of the front door of the hotel, on r. Siqueira Campos. The building number is 202. Isn't that clever? It's a white house on the right hand side of the street, with a blue awning covering the steps leading up to the front door. (As you look to the right out the hotel entrance, you will see that the street divides. Siqueira Campos continues down the left hand side of the fork, and that's the one you want to take.)

    Estação is one long block from the Atlântico down Toneleros. Just go down Toneleros in the direction of the traffic. Estação is on the opposite side of the street from the hotel, almost at the corner of Figueiredo Magalhães and directly across from one of the entrances to the Metro station, hence the name. It's also in an old house, but the exterior's kind of a blank wall with billboards overhead and a gate in it. That's the place. "Estação" is also on the wall.

    Corujinha, the popular after-sauna bar/restaurant, is about three blocks from the hotel. Walk down Siqueira Campos in the opposite direction from Point 202 (left from the front door of the hotel) towards the beach. Cross Av. Copacabana. Walk along the side of the square (Praça Serzedelo Correia). When you get to the far side of the square, turn left. Corujinha will be at the next corner (r. Hilário de Gouveia), with yellow awnings. The Incontrus disco is virtually next door to Corujinha, facing the square. It's a favorite after-sauna destination for some of the boys, especially on Monday nights.

    The ever-popular Siqueira Grill (the official "por kilo" restaurant of M4M) is on the left side of Siqueira Campos continuing towards the beach. Just keep going down Siqueira Campos, instead of turning left for Corujinha. Directly opposite the Siqueira Grill is a good and reasonably priced churrasco rodízio called Carretão. Closer to the hotel on Siqueira Campos is the Bella Blu, a restaurant and pizzeria with a sidewalk café that can be a place to hang out in the afternoon.

    The HSBC and Citibank ATMs are on Av. Copacabana, between Siqueira Campos and Figueiredo Magalhães. If you're coming from the Atlântico, after crossing Av. Copacabana turn RIGHT instead of continuing towards the beach. The Citibank ATM is in a little booth, with its own entrance, in the Blockbuster store on the corner of Av. Copacabana and Figueiredo Magalhães. The HSBC branch is a few doors before that, on the same block.

    As you walk down Siqueira Campos towards these places you'll pass several big supermarkets where you can buy bottled mineral water, snacks, toothpaste, etc. There's also a 24-hour Pão de Açucar supermarket on Av. Copacabana near the corner of Hilário de Gouveia (the street Corujinha is on). A more upscale Zona Sul market is on Av. Copacabana between Siqueira Campos and Figueiredo Magalhães (the same block as the Citibank and HSBC ATMs).

    The old-fashioned shopping mall on Siqueira Campos across from the hotel and more or less next to the Metro station (to the right as you leave the hotel) is worth exploring, because it's full of antique dealers and art galleries, especially on the second floor.

    The Copacabana gay beach is within walking distance. Just go down Siqueira Campos to the beach, cross over to the famous wavy-tiled sidewalk, and turn left. Go about 4 blocks until you see Maxim's restaurant and the Excelsior hotel across the street, facing each other across r. Fernando Mendes. You've found the "Bolsa," Copacabana's gay beach. It's right there at the foot of Fernando Mendes, in front of the Excelsior hotel. Look for the rainbow flags at the beer vendors tents on the sand. Particularly during high season (Brazilian summertime), Maxim's is a popular after-the-beach spot for food, drinks and pick-ups. Down the block, towards Av. República do Peru, is Top
    Beer, popular with M4Mers for its bountiful breakfasts. Next door is Arab, a well-regarded Middle Eastern restaurant with a kilo buffet for lunch and a la carte service at dinner. Around the corner from Maxim's, on Fernando Mendes, is a very pleasant and gay-friendly Italian restaurant, the Trattoria. Good food, sane portions, but NO credit cards! Directly in front of the entrance of the Copacabana Palace hotel is the "Rainbow" gay beach kiosk, another popular after-the-beach hangout.

    Club 117 is in the Glória neighborhood, near downtown. Go across the street from the hotel entrance to the Metro station and catch a train to Glória station. Since this is currently the end of the line, there's only one direction you can catch a train at this station: back towards downtown. When you get to Glória station, go out the turnstiles and turn left, then turn right and exit going up the escalator. Walk to the end of the block, which should be r. Cândido Mendes. Turn left, without crossing the street, and you should see the sign for Club 117 about half-a-block up ahead. The sauna is named for its street address, just like Point 202. Isn't that clever? If the metro is closed when you leave 117 (it stops running early) just walk back down to the corner and catch a cab from the taxi stand you will see there. The metro currently doesn't run on Sundays, so you will have to take a cab to 117 on that day. However, the Metro may begin regular Sunday operations soon (and extend its hours somewhat) so ask at the hotel for the current schedules.

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    Tri and others,

    Could you please post the entrance fee and the cost for rooms for the saunas in Rio? It would be very much appreciated. I had a great time yesterday with 3 boys in privates from 117 and yet my fee today at Point 202 with only one boy was higher. I had them check the amount and show it to me and they had charged me for 2 rooms as opposed to one. I told them one and they asked if I was sure. I said yes and that ripping me off was stupid as I would be a repeat customer. That being said, with the fee of only one room, the cost was still higher than 117 the day before.

    For entrance, they charged me 25R a person (2 people). For the room, they charged 50R. Is this standard or I am "special?" :)
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    RE: Costs?

    >For entrance, they charged me 25R a person (2 people). For
    >the room, they charged 50R. Is this standard or I am
    >"special?" :)

    Hi Sr Oz,
    I`m "Another". Tri must be otherwise occupied?
    Guess you must be "Super Special" or did you bring an "Oztourage"
    with you ??? :) :)
    Rooms are usually 20R unless you got some highly exotic room. Sling,
    whips, chains etc. Actually I didn`t see any of those.
    Sounds like you`re having fun or being taken. What the Hell !. You only have one life to live so enjoy it to the max. :)
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    Being Special!

    Any room you are entertaining in is SPECIAL!

    And many people would like to join you!

    :+ :+ :+
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    RE: Being Special!

    Now that I've got a boyfriend I haven't been going to the saunas as much, so I'm not the best candidate for this right now! I happily delegate the duty of researching the price lists at the saunas to other M4Mers who want to contribute.

    In the meantime, though, if you're in doubt ask to see the price list ("lista" or "tabela de preços"). You can also ask, at the time you check in, what's the price of a cabine, and how long the time limit is. That can help you plan your evening.

    If you've been overcharged at Estação or Point, look for the owners (Junior and Luis) and take it up with them. Luis speaks English. It never hurts to point out that earning a world-wide reputation on the Internet as a place that overcharges its clients is not good for future business.

    All this being said, I was at Estação myself last night and a cabine (suite) was only R$20 - R$25. It shouldn't cost twice as much at Point, unless you overstay the time limit. BTW, I won the bingo/quiz game twice (for the first time EVER) and won two free drinks! Life is good. . .
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    RE: Rio - Saunas/Bars/Venues - Spazio

    Spazio is another rentboy sauna that has not been reviewed here (or I have not seen the review).

    It is also in Gloria, not far from 117. From the metro station, use the same exit as for 117 but go up the opposite steps (southbound or back toward Copacabana). Stay on that street, passing the cardinal's palace and a medical college and take the first right onto rua Santo Amaro. The sauna is on the right side, #18.

    It is smaller than 117, more on a scale with Estação. The only drawback is that the bar room is next to the steam sauna and gets hot. But, the boys are friendly, it is clean, and I never found that all the rooms were full, as can happen at the bigger places.

    It is closed on Sundays. On other days there are specials. Be sure to ask. One evening I found that the first boy's fee was charged to my bill; they had a special on the first program/room rental and I didn't know it so I paid the boy. I got it straightened out but better forewarned.

    If Vitor is working I highly recommend him. He is quite dark. This guy is phenominal as both a top and a bottom. And, he is sweet and affectionate.

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    Is there any up date to this thread? I'm headed there later this week.
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    You might be able to find your information at and/or at I remember reading about pricing recently at the first mentioned site.
    (I hope I read your thread properly; I skimmed it too hurriedly, I think!)
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    This page is a blast from the past with posters who we no longer hear from. The late Funseeker leaves us with the best advice: enjoy life to the max.
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    Lucky, I too browsed through old those posts with a bit of nostalgia for folks I've never met. They sure seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed themselves and been exceedingly generous in helping other to do the same. Perhaps we can prod this thread alive again. You sure have created or greatly enlivened (thankfully) a slew of other threads in the Lounge and Deli sections!