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    Please post info about Rio attractions, events, tour guides, etc., here.
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    RE: Rio - Tour Services

    Our Men In Rio:

    Here are two options for experienced M4M-friendly tour guides in Rio. Both can also provide other services, like airport transfers, hotel reservations, assistance with domestic air/bus tickets, seasonal apartment rentals, drivers, interpreters, language tutors, entrée to carnival parades (if you want to participate in a parade or just want seats to watch), etc. Carlo and Mike speak fluent English, each having lived for a time in the U.S. Just e-mail or phone (with specific details of what you want/need and when) for information about what they can do for you. (I've met both of these guys, BTW. M4Mers have used their services and been satisfied customers.)

    Carlo: Phone: +(5521) 8802-3470

    Mike: Phone: +(5521) 9144-0477
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    RE: Rio - Tour Services

    For those looking for nearby getaways from Rio, two favorites are Parati and Buzios. Parati is a beautifully situated old colonial port from the gold-and-diamond era located along the coast between Rio and Santos/São Paulo. The old town is perfectly preserved, and full of art galleries, inns and restaurants. Parati is small, but gay-friendly. In fact, it elected the first openly gay mayor in Brazil! You can view Parati, and information about it, at

    Buzios would be a good bet for someone who already has visited Parati. Buzios is a newer resort north of Rio along the "Sun Coast." (Parati is along the "Green Coast.") Buzios was nothing more than a fishing village back in the '60s when Brigitte Bardot discovered it and stayed there for a while, which put Buzios permanently on the map! Since then, it's developed into an upscale getaway for better-to-do Brazilians and Argentines. The town is located on a peninsula scalloped by numerous small bays and beaches, and is considered to be more-or-less the Brazilian St.-Tropez. It's not as gay as Parati, but an enjoyable few days can be spent there. More information can be found at

    Both Parati and Buzios are best enjoyed spending a couple of days there, at the least. By bus, Parati is about four hours from Rio (and seven hours from São Paulo). Buzios is about three hours from Rio.

    A good day-trip is to Petropolis, the old imperial summer capital in the mountains behind Rio. The town is attractive, the setting charming, and the old imperial summer palace is now the Imperial Museum, featuring rooms furnished as they were during the imperial era, lots of objects from the period, and the Brazilian crown jewels! Nearby is the Gothic style cathedral where Dom Pedro II and his family are entombed, and in the neighborhood are stately mansions that belonged to members of the court. Buses run from both the main bus station (Rodoviaria) and the closer-in Menezes Cortes terminal downtown. It takes about 90 minutes through some beautiful scenery; the more scenic route is "via Quitandinha." If you go in the morning, there will be more than enough time to wander around, go through the museum, grab a bite to eat, and catch a late afternoon bus back to Rio. The municipal website (in Portuguese) is at but there is some tourist information that you should be able to figure out, including a map.

    You could also go to Petropolis with a car and driver, and English-speaking guide, or one of the commercial tour companies (like Gray Line) which Carlo or Mike can arrange for you.
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    RE: Rio - Escort/Guide

    You can contact Eduardo, who is a sauna escort as well as a guide/interpreter, at or (21) 2275-2384. Eduardo isn't exactly a professional trained guide, but he's very helpful and has been used by a number of other M4Mers, like Tomcal, as a companion/guide who can assist at the saunas, field the hovering guys at Corujinha, go around town with you, help with shopping, etc. His rates are very reasonable and he's eager to please. Eduardo is a young-looking 25 and quite cute, by the way!
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    I posted message 4391 under "Wellington Tour Guide etc." I intended to post in this section. Can that message (re Wilton de Costa) be moved? If so, please do. Thanks
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    I'm not sure it can be moved, even if I find it, but other readers can locate your posting by using the message center search function, selecting this forum and typing in "Wilton."
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    RE: Visa office in Miami area

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    RE: Rio - Escort/Guide

    Will be in Rio from the 14th of October and hope to have Carlo arrange the "Jeep" trip as well as "maybe" Hang Gliding. I would like to know if any one has done the Hang Gliding tour and what advice you can share. If you can recommend any other Tours, similar to the "Jeep" tour please give me your recommendation.
    I will also be taking advantage of Eduardo's guidance to the Sauna's as well as around Rio, which brings me to the reason for posting this
    message. Thanks to the Site members and every one else for making not only Carlo's and Eduardo's contact information available, but all the other information with regards to Rio and Sao Paulo. It's made my planning that much more easy.
    Keep up the good work and thanks for a "Really Great Site".
    gr...........:) ;)
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    RE: Rio - Tour Services

    Not sure if that's the right phone number for Carlo.

    According to the Romanus website, they have these numbers:

    +(55 21) 3415-3126 and
    +(55 21) 8174-0022