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  1. Any info on "Rob"/ Ralph who is advertising on Rentmen Las Vegas ?
  2. TruHart1

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    No info but here's the correct link:

    If the pictures are legit, this is a fine muscular, sexy lookin' man!!!

    TruHart1 :cool:
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    Saw him in Miami about a month ago. Even hotter than the pics. Very interactive.
    Very nice man and clean, gorgeous and sexy!
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    Hot, but if he's 6', I can't believe he's only 190# - not that it matters if he looks like that.
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    more like 5 10 1/2
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  6. He has already changed his name and location again. He does seem to be a little flaky and even though he says he travels to clients he has not quoted me a rate . Something does not seem quite right here but I can't put my finger on it .
  7. I very much would love to fellate him.
  8. So Rob/Ralph/Cohen is back in DC, now sporting a $500/hr rate:

    I am interested in him, but not at that price -- much higher than rates he's posted before. I've never negotiated before, it seems disrespectful to me. Yet what have I got to lose?

    Any advice here? Should I text him and suggest a lower rate? Or just move on?
  9. I was going to see him in nyc when his rate jumped to $500,which I think is just too much. I'll contact him if he's back in nyc at his old rate, but I won't honor his new rate.
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    Most pornstars don't even charge $500. Who does he think he is?! I hope no one entertains him at that price. This is how the "market rate" increases - when fools entertain guys like him who charge exorbidantly, then suddenly $500 is the new normal.
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    Just curious but has anyone actually contacted him to confirm his new rate? I saw him a few months ago when his rate was 300. His English isn't great and his ad previously had bad grammar/spelling. He also claims to be in Ukraine but I highly doubt it. Part of me wonders if he inadvertently changed his location and rates. However, he was very forthcoming about wanting to meet a "sugar daddy" so maybe the new rate is his way of weeding those that prefer the lower rate.
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  12. I'll contact him about his new rate and see what he says.
  13. Sent him a respectful note, saying I liked his ad, had seen it before, noticed his rates had gone up, was reluctant to shell out $400 for a date with someone I've never met. He got back dropping his rate to $400. Still too high for me. I replied that I was going to book a regular instead. Which I am!
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  14. Tried to meet him but he Never responded back!
  15. Just to wrap this up, as an alternative to Ralph/Rob/Cohen I connected with DanielZX from FTL who also was in town with a professional fee in the range of typical DC market rates. Could not have been a better experience. He's responsive, handsome, same height/weight/build as Ralph, very client oriented and an extremely likable young man. Official review on Daniel to come. Note to Ralph is that he might want to consider the competition in setting his rates.
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    His rate is back at 400.
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    I hired him back in October and had a great time! That was when his rate was 300 though... 400 is pushing it a little too far.
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    You got a great deal. Yesterday, his rate was $500.

    ~ Boomer ~
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  19. What's interesting is that if you look at that DC escort mentioned's ad....scroll to reviews and look at the second one down...there's actual text posted instead of the very bland 'No Text' Rentmen reviews. Are they changing their system to be more like Daddy's?