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    Good-looking guy, odd selection on some of the pics. Some aren't the best quality. IMO.
  3. Thank you Boomer! So we moved to California. Shit. I had more chances to meet I'm in Florida.
  4. You pay too much attention to the pictures. I am not saying you shouldn't, I am saying they are just one more piece of evidence. My number one has pretty shitty pictures, they are not even close to reflect his beauty, but fortunately I hired him anyway. If you are just pointing out to the fact, cool, I agree.

    In this case I have been following this kid from his beginnings. I do not know how fond of porn you are, there is studio called Maverick Men I like a lot. He started there as a Brazilian boy toy. He is so freaky, and horny, and he was just a beginner then. He is physically beefier and hotter now, and still his performances drive me crazy. I do have a concern though. The few times I have seen him "acting" in porn, before getting into the hot action, he struck me as someone with weird manners, nervous, or tense. That maybe just camera stress, or something else. I want to find out.
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    I can only judge by provider's posted RM pictures. I don't look for or hire porn stars.

    I was merely stating an observation.

    I was complimentary to the appearance of the fellow. Thank-you for the sufficient additional info.
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  6. I LOVE this kind of roleplay. You're right that it requires each party to have his head on about what is actually going on. When I've been with someone who gets into it and can separate the fantasy and reality, it's MIND-BLOWING. I've often wanted to involve that with my clients, especially guys who talk about wanting the "boyfriend experience," but have felt reluctant - I don't want to confuse or mis-lead.
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    Thanks @Boomer for the link.

    @latbear4blk ... I finally saw that scene of him in that singlet... Fuck dude.... I blew the biggest load.... This is exactly the roleplay I was describing above. Thanks for the share!!

    Any takers for that roleplay here??
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    I'm a master at providing high quality and very realistic frat hazing scenes [spanking with my wooden frat paddle is optional]
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  10. I think a severe spanking with a frat paddle is the best part of a frat hazing scene. It's honestly hard to find good escorts that know how to paddle ass
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    I think you're teasing me.
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  12. Well I have a frat paddle from the 60s:)
  13. I'm new to this forum but I enjoy providing firm discipline style spanking and fraternity paddling. I have two vintage frat paddles I use and the guys always tell me they still feel it he next day.
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    This would be fun, have never really had the bf experience. Could really add to the fantasy.
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    I've had a couple of experiences playing the drunk straight guy. The first one was a scenario where I pass out and the guy starts touching me and playing with my dick and when I come to a friend realize what he's doing I "punish fuck" him. The other was that we are good friends, him gay and me straight, and had been out to a strip club (female strippers) and I let him sick my dick in exchange for him tolerating a night of being surrounded by naked women. I then become intrigued about fucking him, so we give that a go as well.

    I'd say the most interesting and strangely therapeutic role play I've ever been involved with was with a very sweet and sexy man with whom I was attending a Sacred Intimates gathering in upstate NY. We were having sex and he asked if I would play the role of his son while he fucked me. He explained it would help him to heal from some issues he had with his father. As he fucked me I told him "I love you so much daddy" and "thank you for taking such good care of me". It was strange but also really beautiful.
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    There can definitely be something therapeutic about roleplay - I have several fantasies that involve real-life experiences from my teens as a starting point - experiences that I wish had gone much farther than they did, and roleplay based on that can be a fun and emotionally stimulating way to relive those moments the way I wish they had really gone lol.

    Or, the idea of going back in time to my college or high school days to make it with one of those hot all-star jocks that I always drooled over but never got. Doesn't have to be any specific guy I knew - just the idea of again, revising history a little, and pretending that I got lucky with one of them after all. (And often, to dream that, stereotypically alpha as he seems, he also winds up to be quite a passionate lover, lol. Even if, as I usually like to imagine, it's this jockboy's first time with another guy. Maybe he's a little drunk, maybe he's just curious, maybe it's payback for me helping him get an A on a test, lol - or maybe he's the one "playing" me just like he plays the field with the girls...but he's always more into the lovemaking side of sex than I would have expected. Ah, fantasy...)

    Though incest fantasies are fine with me on general terms, I tend to shy away from literal dad/son roleplay, perhaps because I just can't relate to it on a personal level. (I love my dad, but...) But something like a "son" type making it with his best friend's dad - that could be hot. I do remember having some school friends who I thought had very hot dads or older brothers, etc...:D

    Also, my first experiences with porn was with the written kind - those dime novels that incorporated real plots along with the sex, the way porn films just don't do well, lol. And, combine that with my love for theatre - it all translates to a love for coming up with fun sexual scenarios to play out. It plays to my creative side as well as my sexual side.
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  17. I love role play, even with a first time hire. It helps me relax with someone who is so hot that I would normally be intimidated. But the role play takes my mind off my inhibitions. About half the guys really get into them, the other half not so much. If they are not good, I do not push it. If we start and they are clearly uncomfortable, I call "time out" and we stop. Some guys are really good at them -- Giovanni Volta, for one. What scene wouldn't be hot with that man a part of it?
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    Acting out being a baby without piss/poo is like acting out being a superhero without cape and tights, but then again I'd prefer my superhero without a cape and tights anyway. ;)
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    I also love to come up with "character names" - partly because that's fun and can add to the fantasy, partly because then we can always use our real names if we need to stop or adjust the activity as we go.
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    I've only had one role play experience where my partner wanted to be my son. I didn't realize he wanted my to be his father. Just thought he wanted the daddy/twins scene. Duh!