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Discussion in 'Street Scenes' started by HQ, Apr 15, 2001.

  1. HQ

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    What happened to all of the guys who use to work in Balboa Park? All those cute Hispanic guys.. they must be hanging out somewhere. Please post if you happen to know any locations. Thanks.
  2. jc92103

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    They are still there, just not as many as in the past. Evening and nights are out thanks to SDPD. The prime times are from 3 P.M. up to 5 or 6 in the evening. Not a thing after that. Some pretty cute guys out there at those times. After dark you should check out the bus bench in front of the Crypt on 30th street.
  3. safesane

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    I'll be visiting SD soon........where,specifically,in Balboa Park can one find these guys? Thanks!
  4. jc92103

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    Enter the Park at 6th and UPAS streets. Follow the drive through the third stop sign abd there you are...the froot loop! Ley your Gaydar do the rest.
  5. TRUTH

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    I have visited the park during the early afternoon and have not seen any street trade at all. Maybe a one off 30 year old hustler that has been about it. I feel the scene has pretty mush faded away.
  6. jc92103

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    I have to strongly disagree that the scene has faded away. In the last month I have picked up a 20 year old 1/2 latino and 1/2 white guy who was very cute and very eager. Also a 19 year old white guy who gave me the best head I've had im awile. Finally, a fresh latino guy new to the scene who was working university avenue. He was so fresh that he had a hard-on as soon as he got in the car. I see many guys working the park that are very hot. You just have to be patient and keep trying to nail down the best times. The easy days are gone for sure, but the action lives on.
  7. BareBoy

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    I had some luck last year along the beach1 in front of the Del Coronado.
  8. FirstPlace

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    With respect BareBoy in front of the Hotel Del is not where one would expect to find street boys. As has been mentioned in this thread Balboa Park used to be the main area for street trade. Though the past year it has been virtually void of any potential guys for hire. I have yet to find where all of the hustlers have set up camp since abandoning the Park.
  9. sddaddy

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    The park scene is still very active. The time of day has shifted to late morning and afternoon. There are quite a few working boys out and about. I am lucky enough to have a nice observation point from my balcony. when I see a hot dude working it, I head on over. You just have to be a bit more patient than times past. Sunday afternoon is very active.
  10. FirstPlace

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    >The park scene is still very
    >active. The time of day
    >has shifted to late morning
    >and afternoon. There are quite
    >a few working boys out
    >and about.

    Thanks for the update. Next time I'm in area I will be sure to check the scene out at the times you suggest.
  11. 101

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    >The time of day
    >has shifted to late morning
    >and afternoon.

    I live in San Diego and have made frequent trips about the park at the times you mention without finding any working guys. Normally I check the fruit loop and I do cruise other areas as well. What section of the park are you finding these street hustlers? Does anyone know of other areas in S.D. to find street guys?
  12. FirstPlace

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    OK, for those men who keep saying the street boyz are back at the part I cannot find them. I've checked at all hours for the past 4 -5 days and near zero. I guess the 35 y/o crack addict was working. Anyway, I want to give you my cell number so you can call me the next time you spot two of them... that way I can rush over and hire one before the crowd's arrive. :)
  13. jc92103

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    Are you checking the area of picnic tables as you round the fruit loop? The two most popular spots will be that area and the curbside just past the gate. You do have to be persistant...the guys are there.
  14. bam

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    have been going to san diego for vacations every year for ever

    the park is still active, but a little more relaxed

    get out of your car, lay in the sun, read a book - and you will talk with several great guys who walk by - every hour

    best times are 3 to sunset, when they close the gate and the action slows down and moves to the main street adjacent to the park (running east/west -6th i believe)

    there is also a gay bar on Broadway downtown were rough trade hangs out at night (and a lot of the Balboa Park day crowd also)- not in the best nighborhood and becuase it is on Broadway you have to park around the corner (no parking on Broadway) - most of the customers do not own cars in my experience so not a problem for them - sorry do not remember the name (maybe someonelse can post it with the address)
  15. joselowe

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    Was active last time I was there