San Francisco - Any hotel recommendations?

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    Hey everyone! I am thinking about planning a trip to San Francisco for the first time to see what the city might have to offer :) Does anyone have any hotel recommendations? I don't need/want any thing crazy fancy, but I do like to be comfortable at least. Any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks!
  2. On my trip to San Francisco, I stayed at the Parc 55 in Union Square. I had no complaints. I liked the area and there were other hotels. Had friends stay at the Sir Francis Drake in the same general area but I think it might have cost a bit more. Staying at Fisherman's Wharf is also nice (for the touristy things to do). I am sure the pros and residents will have other ideas.
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    Check out The Marker, The Axiom and the Rex, all in the Union Suare area. As a San Franciscian I would never recommend staying in the Fisherman' Wharf area, unless you want to buy t-shirts!
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  4. +1 on the Parc 55. That's my favorite hotel in SF and I always get treated great there but I'm a Hilton Diamond. Before it was a Hilton property I stayed there a lot (was a wyndham and a renaissance before becoming a Hilton) if the price was right. Great location, take the escalator up from the bart/muni and cross the street and you are there and near lots of restaurants and shopping and if you don't mind a decent walk, just walk Market to the castro or SOMA bars (I normally walk there and take Uber back since Market can get sketchy at night). Very easy bart ride from SFO or cheap Uber pool ride.

    I've stayed at the SF Hilton if the Parc 55 is too expensive but areas next it are bad at night if you go the opposite direction of Market Street.

    If you want a hotel near the Castro that is cruisy there is Beck's.
  5. You may want to try Airbnb as well.
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    The Orchard Garden on Bush and Grant (near Nob Hill & Union Sq) is worth considering. It's in a good, central location with tons of restaurants nearby (Claude Lane & Belden Place + Chinatown). I had friends stay there a few years back and they enjoyed it -- the rooms however were rather small. I don't recommend hotels in the sketchy Tenderloin or the hyper-touristy Wharf. SF is a great walking city--so you don't have to rent a car, unless you want to venture to the Wine Country, Yosemite or Monterey/Carmel. Buses, cable cars and Muni trains can get you anywhere in the city + 1 out of 3 cars is an Uber vehicle.
  7. You may laugh, but what a friend called the "no-tell motel", Beck's Motor Lodge, near the Castro treated me well on a trip to SF in fall 2011. I was there for a business convention, stayed at the convention hotel while the convention went on, & moved to Becks for a few days of my own vacation after the convention was over. Prices were very reasonable, I stayed in what they called a "Fireplace Room". It wasn't fancy, but clean & roomy.
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    Is there an Indigo Hotel there? Just discovered this small boutique hotel chain quite by accident. Generally speaking they are in historic buildings in trendy neighborhoods. There's a funky vibe inside and a very friendly staff. (I think it's a common hotel name so not sure if they're all connected.) Ended up here b/c Hotwire put me here on their, "we pick the hotel" program. Worth a look.
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    Indigo is an Intercontinental brand (IHG). I didn't see one in SF when I searched. (I've booked at a Holiday Inn.)
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  11. The Holiday inn Civic center isn't bad if you want a cheap hotel. I've stayed there before when attending folsom and it's a close walk to a couple bars and next to a Muni/Bart stop. Nothing fancy but has a nice outdoor pool, is reasonable and clean

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    Last year in a visit to San Francisco, I stayed at the San Remo Hotel in North Beach. I stayed in the penthouse which is like a small square cabin on top of the hotel. Lots of privacy, good view of Coit Tower. Not all that pricey, very funky, but nice. You do have to carry your luggage up and down stairs.
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    I'd recommend the Hotel AbRi. It's a pleasant independent hotel many people rave about.