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    Location: (city) San Francisco, CA

    Club's Name: Nob Hill Theatre

    Address: 729 Bush Street (near Powell Street Cable Car)

    Phone #: 415.397.6758

    Hours: open 24 hrs. Dancers- First show Noon, last show 11:30pm Multi Man shows on weekend nights at Midnight

    Cover charge: $30. But they offer a $10 discount admission before Noon. Admission good until 6am next morning.

    Website: (if available) (live coverage of shows and also nude gallery of dancers on site for pay)

    Type of Club: (bar, Go-Go dancing, strip shows, lap dancing, leather) Strip Shows, Lap Dancing. Liqour not sold on premises. However, you are permitted to bring your own. Convience Store located up the block, management provides cups.

    Type of dancers: (body type: twinks, bodybuilders, age range, race) varies. can be twinks, can be body builders, check website schedule. Age range between 20's til early 40's. Tipping generally ranges from $1 to $5. I can't speak for other patrons, but I have noted dancers cashing in alot of ones after shows.

    Description of Club: (floor plan, where things are located) Building is two floors. There is a video arcade featuring buddy booths on lower level. This area is available to everyone. No admission required. First floor also includes area w/ sale of videos, magazines, toys, some non alcoholic refreshment, ATM machine. Past doors is theater. Also listed by admission counter is listing of dancers with times they are " scheduled" to dance. Pictures of the dancers are on there as well.

    General Information: (describe the action,
    - action depends on the dancers. Some come out and really work the crowd, others see to be in it for pay. Not really much action between patrons that I have noticed.

    type of patrons,
    - really varies. Mainly touristy, however the management permits female clientele. They are given "tour" and told that club isnt " chippendales"

    - light refreshments available at counter. Patrons allowed to bring in alcohol. Management provides cups. No food.

    interaction w/dancers or escorts plus availability
    -- depends on dancers. Some interaction. As voice before show states " Bigger the bill the bigger the thrill" Privates seem to begin " negotiations" during the show performance and then are continued after the shows.

    , parking,
    - some street parking. Lot at Bush/Stockton offers discounted parking after 6pm

    - One. Located on left as you enter theater main doors.

    - none during shows.

    stage shows
    - yes definately.

    , tipping policy,
    - encouraged greatly generally between $1 and $5. Dancers do two songs, expect two visits. Also tips accepted at the "shower show"

    availability of rooms for private shows,
    - four rooms available in "lounge area" this is where dancers that performed and those waiting will offer services.

    "time only" fees
    - varies from dancer to dancer.

    , rules,
    - There are rules from the state of California announced before the show, something about touching of dancers buttocks or such. However, the theater is dark and its tough to see.

    - Shower rooms also available to watch dancers after show.This allows you privacy to watch dancers wash up after the show. Tipping goes on as does private shows and also the occasional interactions amongst patrons.This gets higher since they do more there. The walls of the theater are covered with autographed photos from past headliners. Most of these are porn legends. You'll notice a set of steps leading downstairs. This is to a special area of the downstairs only available to paying patrons. These have booths w/ glory holes. You can go into the theater before Noon, pay the admission and then come back when shows begin. They offer "In and Out" privleges all day.
    This is a San Francisco landmark.
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    All info is the same except for the fllowing:

    Admission - $20 good for in-out all day. ($5 admission if you want to go to the downstairs arcade)

    Crowd has picked-up, maybe just because of Folsom Street Fair coming?
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    Website address has now changed to The downstairs was remodeled so that it is still part arcade but you pay $10 or so to get in and don't pay per video time in booths. they have created a play area. I haven't been down there but they have some description on the site. It is still rebuilding, and the upstairs theater could sure use a refurbishing.
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    Entrance to the theater (which includes admission to the downstairs arcade as well) is now $25. They have a free coat check. They no longer have any kind of restrictions about touching (or doing anything else with) the performers. When they have two-man shows, hey often are live sex shows, although not always fucking. There's a small public room in the back with seats around the perimeter and a stripper pole; the performers work back there for additional tips while not on stage.
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    Sounds like lots of changes based on j-mans update. I haven't been there for awhile...last time was a couple years ago and it was getting pretty looks great now...anyone been there lately?
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    Went there for the first time in years. Used to be really fun with a nice selection of hot guys for all types (twinks, all-American college types, muscle, bear, porn stars), with lots of friendly energy if not excitement.

    Now, they all look hard, cold, like from the streets. None were my type, one even smelled. Really gross. Too bad. Place has gone really down hill.
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    I used to come here ALL the time! Hands down friendliest dancers I've ever seen in my life!
    The dancers range from very attractive to very unattractive. The prices are very affordable while the dancers are dancing. If you want a private show (which is more than a dance) minimum is $100
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    I was there on a weekday night in early November. It's definitely a SF landmark. And she's definitely showing her age. I arrived about an hour before closing and there were 2 guys dancing on the stage. One of the dancers was standing on a wooden bench and he accidentally kicked it out from under himself and landed on his ass. I was a little embarrassed for him. Then that same dude came into the audience (there were maybe 5 of us) and kinda straddled me and pulled his underwear down and shoved his junk in my face. I am pretty sure he would've let me do anything I wanted with him. But what I mostly wanted to do was get away. So I did.

    There's a video arcade in the basement and lots of BJs going on in the dark corners of the hall down there. That was interesting for a few minutes, but getting blown in that setting is not something I can bring myself to do. You just don't know where those people's mouths have been!

    Anyway, it's worth a quick visit but I wouldn't plan an evening around it. My advice for the rest of the evening...See Andrew Maroc or Steve Stacks. Both are A+.
  9. Andrew Maroc A+++++!
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    How long ago was that? I'd say that the dancers ranged from "very unattractive" to "very very unattractive," especially when body odor is a problem!

    Hated the lack of variety too. Too thuggish for me. No cute all-American types or college guys etc.
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    Depends on the night you went. Dorian is not thuggish and very hot. Hrs a Bulgarian body builder. Also there's a French guy who I forgot his name who dances on occasions and theres nothing thuggish about him. And there's two twinks who dance there. Although I must admit besides these guys most are Latino thugs
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    Awhile back I posted this on Nob Hill Theatre and found it pretty lacking. So I'm here to change my assessment. I was at an event last nite (they called it the Gates of Sodom party or something like that). Not so much dancing -- mostly a sex show. Naked dancers (having sex), naked audience (having sex), in the theatre, in the back room, and in the arcade area. It was pretty unbelievably hot. Don't know how long it lasted but when I left with two other gentlemen for some more, eh, private was going strong and could've lasted all night. I'd say check out the website to see what's going on because this was a pretty happening Tuesday night/Wednesday morning!