Santa Monica Boulevard

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    Ha that's funny. Yes San Diego was a nice place in the old days. It has been destroyed. It seemed like you used to be able to service or get serviced in almost any town. There used to be an adult book store on Lower State Street in Santa Barbara. Perhaps it is still there. I remember getting serviced by a decent looking older guy. Just as I was about to cum, I pulled out and beat off all over the disgusting floor. The poor guy let out a groan, but damned if he didn't get further down on his hands and knees and lap it up like a dog. Truly pathetic. What great times.
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    "Mmmmmemories . . . like the corners of my mind . . ."
    Thanks for the candid share.
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    I should probably Google around more first but I figured if I post here I might get links plus some behind-the-scenes dope: Why did Spotlight (Cahuenga & Selma) close? I'd gather the reasons at least include "gentrification" but it's taken a long time for the new development that's going on in and around that property to come to fruition.
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    Owner moved to Las Vegas where he opened.... Wait for it... "The Spotlight Lounge" Not as seedy as the original, but tends to the same type of crowd. The owner is still kicking around just not nearly as much air in his tires.

    Good place to go after Fabulously Funny Fridays!

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    I didn't think the original was that seedy. But maybe I caught it on a quiet night. If I can sneak away from the friends, I may drop in for an adult bevie when I am in town in July.