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    Ha that's funny. Yes San Diego was a nice place in the old days. It has been destroyed. It seemed like you used to be able to service or get serviced in almost any town. There used to be an adult book store on Lower State Street in Santa Barbara. Perhaps it is still there. I remember getting serviced by a decent looking older guy. Just as I was about to cum, I pulled out and beat off all over the disgusting floor. The poor guy let out a groan, but damned if he didn't get further down on his hands and knees and lap it up like a dog. Truly pathetic. What great times.
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    "Mmmmmemories . . . like the corners of my mind . . ."
    Thanks for the candid share.
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    I should probably Google around more first but I figured if I post here I might get links plus some behind-the-scenes dope: Why did Spotlight (Cahuenga & Selma) close? I'd gather the reasons at least include "gentrification" but it's taken a long time for the new development that's going on in and around that property to come to fruition.
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    Owner moved to Las Vegas where he opened.... Wait for it... "The Spotlight Lounge" Not as seedy as the original, but tends to the same type of crowd. The owner is still kicking around just not nearly as much air in his tires.

    Good place to go after Fabulously Funny Fridays!

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    I didn't think the original was that seedy. But maybe I caught it on a quiet night. If I can sneak away from the friends, I may drop in for an adult bevie when I am in town in July.

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    Don had opened the Spotlight in Vegas and had always planned on spending his remaining days there, so unfortunately when gentrification hit that stretch of Cahuenga, most landlords saw dollar signs, and the owner of the Spotlight wouldn't renew his lease, so Don moved on. Gentrification in Hollywood is mostly BS. Lots of promises few realities. That said, I adored the old girl, it was a nice place to hang my hat. It was family. You could always count on a good drink, and a welcoming smile, and when someone said "Good to see ya" they meant it, but the reality was that Hollywood had changed, the street scene had changed, hell the world had changed, and I guess in my heart I knew it was time for me to change also. I would give anything to go back to those days. Life was simpler, happier, less complicated, and I was unencumbered by all the bullshit in life, but the world doesn't operate to my benefit, so like Don, I moved on also, but the memories...ahhh the memories, I wouldn't have changed a thing.


    Glad to know the old man is still around. I always promised myself that I'd make the run to Vegas, and pop in on him one of these days just to surprise him, and for old times sake. God willing...
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    Thanks, @bigvalboy.

    It always seemed like such an "odd," interesting location for such a bar: Completely away from WeHo with no similar establishments (except perhaps the also now-gone Hollywood Spa) nearby. Do you know anything about the locale choice? Was Don's choice a random function of where he found real estate, or was it a purposeful desire to have a bar outside of WeHo? (Of course, now with what's going on in DTLA there are more options. But my understanding is that, at the time it opened this bar's location was noteworthy.)
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    Don, despite his physical limitations, was a clever businessman. Kind to a fault, but shrewd. He knew Hollywood was not WEHO. The street scene in Hollywood back in the day, was infamous especially around Selma and Cahuenga. "The Spot" as it was affectionately called, catered to a clientele seeking rent-boys and street hustlers that were a little rough around the edges and a bit scandalous. The Spotlight was a destination, not a place you happened to stumble into. It worked because of the neighborhood, and Don capitalized on that.
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    Apropos of little other than recalling Eddie Murphy picking up a call girlboy on the Boulevard and discussion of "scandal" . . . LOL . . .

    I live in this area of Hollywood. A (handsome, young-ish white guy) friend of mine was waiting for me at my place to return from an errand recently. While waiting, a (young, black guy) passerby asked if he wanted a BJ. Out. Of. The. Blue. When my friend declined, the passerby asked if my friend gave BJs and if so could he get one. LOL. My friend is straight.

    In the words of Kool & the Gang, "Hollywoooooood Hollywood swingin' . . ."

    (I included reference to skin color only for purported salaciousness. Like Michael Bay tells us, "Sex it up." LOL.)
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    I envy you. You've probably guessed, that used to be my old stomping grounds also. For reasons, too many to count, I wound up three thousand miles away in FTL. No complaints mind you, but I'd give almost anything to move back. For all it's flaws and bad press, Hollywood is still very pricey real estate. It is exciting, eclectic, and like no other place on the planet, and the weather...ahhhh the weather, pure magic when the hot desert winds start blowin. Enjoy!
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    Thanks for the memories. I found The Gold Coast on one of my first visits to LA. My favorite visit was a night a group of sailors arrived. Gorgeous hunks all. I never thought I would have a chance until one in the group came by and stood beside me and without any small talk said he wanted to go back to my hotel. He did and spent the night. Dropped him off the next morning after breakfast at the Farmers Market. Never had that kind of approach before or since.
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    "a group of sailors arrived"

    Maybe one of you guys can answer a question I've had for years. One of the few times I've been in LA I was driving around looking for someplace and came upon a small open square block that was full of sailors. Just standing around. Anybody know what that was all about? Bus pickup?