Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 2017 update

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    I will be in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic for two weeks in July. I am staying at Adam Suites. Is Adam Suite the right place to stay if I want to entertain 2 or 3 local guys a day. I don't want them to feel harassed by the front desk or judged.
    Any advice on the local rentboys and their rates? Do the locals charge by hour like in the US or for 2-3hrs session?
    First time in SD, all advice is appreciated. I will share my experience in July.

    You may want to look for the threads with information about SD and reach out directly to the guys who have been there. You may do it by posting an open message like this one and typing the forum member's screen name preceded by the sign @ like here @ddi13 . You may also do it by contacting them by Private Messaging, starting a new conversation using the tools under the "Inbox" menu, in the top right corner of your screen.
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    ..would luv a trip report if you have one (sorry if you posted it somewhere else....)
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