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    Please post info about São Paulo restaurants here.
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    When I was in Sao Paulo for almost five days last month-- my guides took me to some fine eating establishments, but I'd highly recommend your going to Mestico Rua Fernando de Albuquerque 277, Consolacao. It's purported as the place to see folks of note as well as be seen. The menu is slightly eclectic with a leaning toward "Bahian dishes with a Thai twist..." We had drinks and a beaut of a meal which came to a mere $29 US. ...received my AMEX bill yesteray and was excitingly amazed.
    This place is quite gay/gay-friendly, too in terms of patrons. I saw a hottie who seemed interested in me (much to my amazement), but since I was with my guide, nothing transpired.
    But it is a place to view art on the walls, the people (men especially) and I liked the food although my head did spin when I drank one caiprihina (sp)...