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    Please post info about São Paulo saunas, bars, meeting places and other gay venues here.
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    Today I went to:
    Av. das Alterosas, 40-A
    Metrô Patriarca

    It is a bit away from the Center of the city. I took a hotel car and had them wait for me. That was at the suggestion of the hotel as they said the neighborhood was not very good.

    I have been to Alterosas on several occassions. The place is in a neighborhood that is farily poor. There are very few foreigners there and most of the customers are Brazilian. As soon as I got there, word spread that an American was there and to double the prices. :) The going rate at the club is 30R for a roll in the hay.

    On the first floor is the locker and the showers. The showers are back to back and there were a tons of boys and men there showering and playing. There are also a few dark rooms and a few rooms where guys were jerking off. They have free rooms off of the showers for those that do not want to pay the fee for a room.

    The rooms are not that nice and mine did not have a bathroom or shower even thought I requested the suite. I am not sure if the other rooms have showers or not as everytime I have been, I have gotten a room without a shower. The cost for the room was 15R.

    The entrance fee to Alterosas is 25R. Soda's are 2.50R.

    As the day I went was a Saturday, there were tons of boys there. The place was packed with cute guys. Most were larger build and muscular. Most were just straight guys from the neighborhood who were looking for some extra cash. The majority I talked to were tops only and I had trouble finding a bottom. I did have a friend with me who is a Brazilian and he finally called a boy over and talked to him and told him if he bottomed for me that I would not tell anyone he did that. :) He was satisfied with that but asked for an extra 10R.

    There seems to be an attitude there for foreigners and that we are going there to take away the guys from the natives. I think that is stupid and crazy but that is the way they think. Then, when I was leaving there was an American who got into an argument with a boy who he had sex with. Aparently, there was a misunderstanding and the boy did not bottom for the American man. Even though he did other things, the guy was refusing to pay anything. He finally threw 20R at the guy and left the club. I was mortified as I am sure the arrangment was for at least 30R. As I was checking out also, I saw the whole thing. It was nasty. I slipped the guy 50R and said sorry for the misunderstanding. The manager said thanks to me as the kid was calling some of the boys from the neighborhood to find the guys car and beat him up. Drama. Drama. Drama. All this for 10R. That tells you how much they need the money.

    All in all, the place is fun. It is not a beautiful clean establishment. It is a bit nasty and dirty but sexy and naughty at the same time. They had many sexy boys and it is worth a visit. I was told the best time to get there is on the weekends at 2pm. I did and I had a good time.

    Hope this helps!
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    RE: Alterosas

    Thanks for the addition to our store of knowledge!

    Alterosas is located in the Zona Leste (East Zone) of São Paulo, which is the downscale part of the city. If you don't have a hotel car available for your use, the best way to get there is to take the Metro to Patriarca station and then catch a cab from the station to the sauna (it's about ten blocks). DON'T walk.

    Relatively few foreigners venture to Alterosas, and it's not a deluxe establishment like Lagoa, in the heart of the upscale Zona Sul. But if you're comfortable with being in a less-than-deluxe setting, you can have a very good time at Alterosas, as Oz has pointed out.
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    R. Francisco Leitão, 71

    I always have a good time at Fragata. It is a nice place. The rates to get in and to have a room are reasonable and the boys are cute. The guys often range from average to great. There seem to be a ton of average boys there the times I have been. The customers seem to be loyal to the place and have a good relationship with the boys. Drinks are cheap and the place is clean and well-run.

    The room was nice and had a shower inside. There is a waiting room with tables where you can watch the boys shower or watch the latest soccer game. There were few pressure sales during my visit there today. I have been to Fragata at least 8 times. I think I have found someone there each time I have gone there. Most of the time, I only find one or two that I really like but that is all it takes to make me happy.

    Today, I noticed a very muscular guy named Hercules. He was dancing at LeBoy once and I remembered him. His body is totally perfect with no body fat, a 6 pack and well portioned. He spoke no english but I was able to understand he would be back in Rio to gogo at LeBoy during carnival. He said he was 29 but I think he is perhaps about 5 or so years beyond that. While I normally like twinks, his body was what I wanted and he agreed to bottom with no hesitation whatsoever. I asked him how much and he said 40R. I agreed and off to the room we went. Perhaps the best BJ I have gotten from a sauna boy and very passionate and fun. He was also a great bottom.

    I got to Fragata early and stayed a few hours till around 6:30 PM when I headed to LaGoa to meet friends. I had a nice time there and will go back again often! However, the boys there do not compare to the ones at LaGoa but neither does the attitude. ;) Just my opinion.
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    Danger Dance Club

    1420 Rua Rego Freitas,

    Danger is in the Central Downtown area. It is a nice club and is frequented by a great many drag queens. The show was great, the music was awsome and the atmosphere was fun. There was tons of eye candy and plenty of drag queens to share. There were shows throughout the night mixed with the music. The crowd was a wide mix of younger and older, gay and straight, guys and girls, drags and men. The stage was the centerpiece of the place and gave for plenty of room for the performances.

    The cost for 2 of us for entrance and about 4 drinks each was under 50R.

    The wonderful mixture of the crowd and the lovely Brazilian attitude for the love of music and the beat made for a fabulous evening. If in Sao Paulo, give Danger a try! ;)
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    R. Borges Lagoa, 287
    Vila Mariana

    Lagoa is the King of saunas in Sao Paulo. When you walk in, there are 2 separate ways to enter. To the left is for the boys, they pay less to get in but they do pay. To the right is for the clients.

    The place is a hot bed of activity. You have to be sure to check every nook and cranny to get the full effects. There is a jacuzzi are with showers, a dinning room like area with glass showers to watch the boys shower, a steam room, sauna, a movie cinema (dark and fun) several black rooms and of course private rooms. There is an outdoor area in the middle where you can sit and relax. There are chairs and tables, lounge chairs and just about everything else you can image. A small workout area for the boys is also there.

    You can eat lunch, dinner and even watch live shows and play Bingo or Karoke. It is just a nonstop party.

    I like to get there in the afternoon to see some of the boys that start coming. Also, many will leave after a client or two. So, get there early, stake out a place and watch the eye candy.

    I think it is 32R to get in. Rooms are more expensive than the other places. You also pay 1.50R for each condom and lube. After a day there with one room, many drinks, 2 lunches and 2 entrances, it comes to about 200R. But, that was me and a date.

    It is a great place and I have loads of fun there. The guys are a bit more pushy than some places but you just have to tell them you are not buying their lunch or drinks. I don't mind buying someone I like these things but many will come up and say they want food.

    Best time to get there is around 4pm until 9pm. If you have a nice sexual appetite, get there do an afternoon boy and then get recharged for dinner. I have met all types of guys there, twinks, muscle boys, gay boys, straight men and a bit of everything in between. I have been told that the owner does not like drag queens and they are not allowed in the clubs. That is true. But, I did fine one very feminine guy that I saw everyday I was in town. I also was able to get all the guys for 50R plus tip.

    When I took my beautiful companion for the week with me, the guys smelled money and would not go for less than 100R. I always said no and left with him 2 times disappointed. But, when I was alone, I always found what I wanted and it was always for the 50R.

    Sitting in the cinema is fun and you will get guys site down beside you to feel their cock. :) I was trying to make out with a boy there once and I kept getting cocks shoved in between our lips. I only wanted to make out with my "date" but the huge dicks got in a way a bit. :)

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    Boys Club

    Boy's Club
    Alameda Nothman 1218/1220
    Santa Cecília

    Boys Club is a nice sauna. It is small but there are some hot guys there. I found more my type of guy there than most of the other saunas in Sao Paulo. It is a friendly neighborhood sauna. I was the only American in there the few times I went.

    The boys there are friendly and not pushy. Entrance was reasonable and drinks were very reasonable. I never had one guy ask me to buy them a drink.

    I had 3 boys from there and had fun with all three of them. It is very slow in the afternoons but picks up around 7PM at night. I went in the afternoon a few times and was able to find some guys I liked there.

    The management was nice and accomodating. They had a really nice jacuzzi but I did not see anyone in it. They had a larger workout room for the boys than I have seen in most of the saunas.

    The neighborhood is not great but I had no problems there. The doormen always got a taxi for me and I felt safe there.

    They did have several darker guys there than some of the places I go. I often like that and was happy to find a 22 year old black guy who was very versatile and great orally. He spoke little english but was fun in bed.

    The bartender there is without a doubt the sexiest one in Brazil. :) OM he was hot! I stayed there longer just to buy him and I drinks and chat. Chat? Well, not really, he spoke on English. We were able to write words on napkins and understand each other. He was about 25 and muscular and had the Latin hunk look. I write this now and I can piture him perfectly. :)

    Don't just limit yourself to Lagoa if you come to Sao Paulo. Try many of the other places as well. You will not regret it!
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    TUNNEL DO TEMPO - Dance Club

    Rua dos Ingleses, 355

    Last night I went to Tunnel. It was great! A nice area to dance (not large but nice). But, the unique charm of the place lies in the way it was designed. You go down to the first room from the street and there is a large bar and big screen tv playing videos. It is not a loud room and you can chat with friends or meet someone and talk to them without yelling. Above that room, accessed by stairs, is a loft area resturant. You can order food and sit and relax. There is a space to sit and chill and the bathrooms were well maintained.

    All in all, it was a great night with good music, a nice atmosphere and a lively group of twinks. Yes, there were tons of those there as well. :)