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    Please post info about São Paulo attractions, events, tour guides, etc., here.
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    For those desiring culture, the MASP, Sao Paulo's main art museum on Paulista Ave, should be included in itinerary. The big names are well represented, including 5 Van Goghs!. Other's: Cezanne, Gaugin, Monet, Renoir, Rembrandt, Goya, Picasso. Great self-service restaurant in basement. The Luz monastery, not far from Placa Republica, contains a Sacred art collection within its building that is representative of colonial Sao Paulo.
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    Contact Carlo at Romanus's; I sought his services in October when I went to Sao Paulo; he lined up two excellent guides for me (both gay men who spoke fluent English). I informed them of the specific tours I had wanted to participate in, and they did the rest. Specifics about Carlo's travel offers are listed in the forum; he has a wonderful web.
    Carlo--himself-- is a gem-- very personable and seemingly wants his clients to get the MOST from their experiences in Sao Paulo and Salvador- Bahia, and any other places they desire to go while in Brasil.
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    Museu Afro-Brasil

    Museu Afro-Brasil
    Avenida Pedro lvares Cabral
    Zona Sul - 5579-0593

    This museum is located in the park. I went to the park and had a beautiful walk and you can even rent bikes by the museum for a bike ride. It is a great deal of fun in that area.

    The museum was great. They have a nice collection of early Brasilian history and many paintings, drawings, maps, carvings and etc. I especially enjoyed the collection of photographs from years gone by and from current times.

    The museum was free and no charge to get in. It is really worth a visit. I would suggest taking someone with you that speaks the language here as they do not have english subtitles. :)

    A great way to spend a morning or afternoon! :)