Seeking a Handsome Charming Gentleman Caller/Escort as Thanksgiving Day & Dinner Companion and . . .

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Bearofdistinction, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. Hey all this has been a bad run for the last 9 months when it comes to health.

    Looking for a lovely gentleman caller for a quiet turkey day at my home - fireplace - cocktails -BFE/Massage/Cuddle/ Lovely meal - beverages of your choice and prime Italian Pastries - Maybe a Movie . . .

    Prefer men with fur - intelligence - humor - and a caring personality -- Not my usual kink search -- need a little tlc.

    I have family and friend invites -- to loud -- to crowded -- to far == to many cats --- etc.

    Im in Philly - Downtown with Parking --
  2. Smurof

    Smurof Baron

    I wish you well in finding an ideal holiday companion. I meet some of your qualities, but won't be in that part of the country then.
  3. GregM

    GregM Master

    I'm furry! And I enjoy all the activities you listed. Sadly I am in Chicago :( I hope you find a good guy to give you some good tlc and cuddles!

  4. nycman

    nycman Count

    Who the hell are you kidding?

    Your plan involves a basted turkey and fine Italian pastries?....sounds kinky as fuck to me!
  5. jjkrkwood

    jjkrkwood Regent

    For the last 17 years since my partner passed, I have spent the Holidays alone, foregoing invites and company... and ya know what, it aint so bad... I can wear my stretchy pants, eat dinner in bed, and take my nap afterwards... Once you learn to be by yourself, the time just passes.....
  6. My cousin-in-law occasionally opts for that, forgoing Christmas dinner with the extended family for a day at home on the couch and binge-watching. I've considered it myself.
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  7. Michael Paul

    Michael Paul Master

    Best of Luck... You will find that perfect dinner companion, and once you do... Gobble Gobble ;)
  8. LookingAround

    LookingAround Viscount

    I didn’t think Italians were known for pastries.
  9. jjkrkwood

    jjkrkwood Regent

    Nothing beats their Big, cream filled "cannoli's"......
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  10. TruthBTold

    TruthBTold Prince

    They are not like the Austrian/French pastries. But you also have biscotti, pignoli, and sesame seed cookies.
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  11. jjkrkwood

    jjkrkwood Regent

    TOO Dry. all that shit is made for "dunking".... I like something I dont have to dunk, and if its "chocolate", even, better.....
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  12. TruthBTold

    TruthBTold Prince

    Well, you are speaking with an Italian. Italian pastries have never been sweet and (on the whole - see tiramisu) have been made to go with coffee. Of course, the French would still be eating with their hands if it were not for the Italians. :) ;)
  13. TOO DRY???!!!! I’m going to sue you.
    Have you ever tried cannoli and sfogliatella?
  14. nycman

    nycman Count

    I agree. Italians think they're amazing.

    I think they're dry and tasteless. I've always hated cannoli's as well.

    But, when you love Italian American Men as much as I learn to fake it!
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  15. jjkrkwood

    jjkrkwood Regent

    Yes, but THOSE were not the options mentioned in TbT's post....
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  16. You hate cannoli???? What is wrong with you????
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  17. Don't forget the Cannolis and Cream Cakes!
  18. TruthBTold

    TruthBTold Prince

    OK, I do not want this to come across as a consistent attempt to defend a forefather's culinary distinctions. I must agree that much of the pastries/cookies is less "creamy" than say French pastries. However, many are creamy/buttery without being topped with whipped cream. (see "List Of Italian desserts and pastries" in Wikipedia.) But I would also suggest that none that are listed are "tasteless." Perhaps testing other bakeries is called for.
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  19. I live within walking distance of all three of the Best Multi-Generational Family Owned- Italian Bakeries in Philly -- And they can do just about everything -- One of my all time favorites for the summer is the Chocolate Ricotta Cannoli Crème Strawberry Shortcake - Rolled and filled and topped with fresh Strawberries dipped in dark chocolate . . .

    Oooooooohhhhhh Oooooooohhhhhhh -- Sorry Kids I just Came A Little!
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  20. TruthBTold

    TruthBTold Prince

    I am with you on that. Say what you want about Italians, bad food is not one of them.