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Discussion in 'Ask An Escort' started by kaboom35, Dec 20, 2016.

  1. kaboom35

    kaboom35 Lord

    Is it rude or inappropriate to ask an escort to shower at their place after a session? I have done it before, because they have offered. Is it ok to ask ?
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  2. escortrod

    escortrod Baron

    Given how messy sex can be, and how much you will typically be paying, I would say it's fine to ask.
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  3. nycman

    nycman Count

    I think it's fine to ask.....

    However, once you see the may regret asking....grin
  4. bigvalboy

    bigvalboy Regent

    I think it's rude to ask, unless it's offered.
  5. Dominiking

    Dominiking Viscount

    I don't mind at all, at the end of the sessions we end up always sweaty ;) and I'm sure you don't want to go outside all sweaty and smelling like sex :p especially if you have to go back to work or to your partner :eek::p;)
    I always ask when we finish if they want to hop in the shower... I always have extra clean towels just for clients :p ;)
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  6. glennnn

    glennnn Earl

    I've never NOT been asked to share a shower before leaving my escort's place, so it's never come up. I think I would feel comfortable asking if it wasn't offered. Gees! I just had the guy's cock, balls, ass and tongue in my mouth. I'd say asking for a shower would be easy.
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  7. If I am coming from work or something I'd treat it just like a hookup. I've asked if they didn't mind if I showered up when I got there and usually I get two answers, "yeah no prob" or "I like it raunchy and smelly... don't shower." either way I'm fine with it lol.
  8. Funguy

    Funguy Earl

    I always ask afterwards and I am always rewarded with company....and sometimes it winds up prolonged!
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  9. kewtex

    kewtex Knight

    Am I the only one who still uses the old definition of an eternity?
  10. Huh? Of course it's not rude to ask for the shower, should it not have been offered.

    Kevin Slater
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  11. Keith30309

    Keith30309 Earl

    Wow- I hope not.
    I almost always ask to use the shower BEFORE.

    I have gotten a couple of grumpy grunts but I assumed it would be appreciated. I do try to mention it in advance so guys can clear up roommate stuff or whatever.
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  12. Funguy

    Funguy Earl

    Most times I ask for pre-play shower, I invite the escort to join me and about 50-50 do. I love playing in the shower.
  13. escortrod

    escortrod Baron

    I wonder how many of them are thinking "this guy's running up my damn water bill.":D
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  14. Funguy

    Funguy Earl

    When they say Ahhhh and ooooo they ain't thinking of their water bill!
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  15. big-n-tall

    big-n-tall Count

    I shower before I get to the escort. However, I have been offered to use the shower after and during the session (some guys love the whole showering together thing while doing sexy things) a good number of times. Anyway, I think it's ok to ask, especially if you're coming directly from work or traveling a distance to see the guy. Depending on the working guy, he'll probably have no problem.

    On a slight tangent, one guy and I tend to get super sweaty by the end of the session. Yet he loves hugging and snuggling with me as both of us are drenched. I think I've showered after once.
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  16. glennnn

    glennnn Earl

    Trust me. If they are in the shower, naked with Funguy, they aren't thinking about the water bill!
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  17. pdxleo

    pdxleo Master

    When my favorite local provider and I were finished with our session this afternoon (birthday gift to myself!), we both looked at each other and just about burst out laughing, cum everywhere you could look - the shower together was the cherry on the sundae!
  18. A guy I saw last year on a trip to NYC asked if he could use my shower when he arrived, as it was a hot day and a bit longer walk than he'd thought. I asked if he wanted help and we had a bit of fun play time before moving to the bed.

    An escort-turned-fuck-buddy (and yes, I can count the number of those on one hand) asked me over for some help with computer stuff and mentioned he might be in the shower when I got there, but the door would be unlocked. Clearly a setup :) I 'surprised' him in the shower, and after a while he said "Stop lathering me up! I'm trying to rinse off so we can get to the bedroom!"

    In general - if someone asked ME to shower before the session, I'd never decline. Kind of like someone offering you a mint - they're subtly telling you that you need it.
  19. TopTierTop

    TopTierTop Knight

    Me too!
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  20. LOL, good joke!

    Here water is very cheap compared to the prices in most of Europe.