showering at Escort's place

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    I think that is completely acceptable and appropriate... Maybe even shower together~
    I bought a new house this year in Washington State where I have "Tyger Holiday Camp" sessions~ I've got my own private bathroom, a guest bathroom with douching station and another full bathroom on the lower level where my dungeon and play space are in case anyone needs to freshen up before, during or after~
    Showering can be great fun together or a relaxing way to revitalize alone after some fun session~
    Both of my guest bathrooms are equipped with lots of towels, douching equipment/supplies, lotions, shampoo, conditioner, mouth wash, guest toothbrushes, toothpaste, heating pads for back and knee injuries, guest shaving kits, etc~ (also band aides and medical supplies for boo boos).
    You can also do water sports in showers and tubs~
    Thumbs up for shower and tub time after play time or inbetween rounds~
    I always offer or you can just shower at will~
    BTW... I pay my water bill by the year, (as opposed to monthly)... So, use as much as you want~ I've already paid for it~
    Besides... Clients may sometimes be going home to partners, work or friends and
    maybe its inappropriate to meet them smelling like cock and ass~
    Make yourself at home~! The food in the fridge is for you... In fact I shop ahead of time according toy our dietary or prefered food needs~ The fridge downstairs is fully stocked with all kinds of beverages and juices for your enjoyment~ Yours to enjoy when ever you want and as much as you want~
    Mi case, su casa~!
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    To slightly misquote The Who:

    When you come to Tyger's
    The holiday's forever!
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    Note to self. Meet Tyger. :)
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  4. I dont think it's inappropriate. I've had escorts ask to use my shower at hotels before after and didn't think it was rude and a couple times after we were done I've had escorts use the bathroom at my hotel and use the shower without even asking