"Simply Soothing" from LA

Discussion in 'The Spa' started by fratphysicals, Aug 28, 2016.

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    Pm'ed you
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    Yes indeed
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    Yeah he's got a nice on there haha...I just need to know if that's him...
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    Now that's a tasty mouthful indeed..now if he can just top like a champ
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    My reason for being reluctant is his lack of face photos and his reviews on MasseurFinder all seem to be written by the same person as they all read similar...
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    I agree
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    Just wondering if anyone has any first hand experience with this guy? Thanks!
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    Bump. No one given him a try?
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    I'm just guessing, but when there is silence, one of two things:

    - Masseur is really good, member wants to keep it a secret

    - Masseur is terrible, and member doesn't want to be cast as a Negative Nellie
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    I have been to him several times, he gives a really great massage, he is sexy and you get a release at the end, that is about as far as he will go in that area. I really like the fact that he is a good decent, great looking guy as well. Not sure why he doesn't post face pics but I find him quite a sexy guy. I assume college student and someone just trying to make it with 'extra money from massage' vibe from him. He seems well educated and quite smart as I have chatted him up on several topics and his wit has not let me down. His proximity to downtown and all of it's traffic hassles is a bit bothersome but I will still find the time to visit him when I need a good rub. Again his massage is great and he is up there with some of the best in the city and I have had quite a few massages over the years. I always opt for the 90 and this gives him time to focus on all areas instead of a little here and a little there.
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  14. He's one of my favorites. I've booked him 9 times. Great massage. Nude, mutual touch and release. And prostate massage if you ask and are clean. He has amazing hands. What I have done in the past is offer him $140 (he charges $120) for a super sensual experience. And he delivers. No sex. But he's grind his cock all over you through out.
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    I tried him out and I'm not sure I agree with the above reviews but just adding my personal experience as I can't speak for others. He is indeed a very nice guy, young, very tall, darker skinned. His massage was unique in terms of some lighter sensual touches which were good but the overall massage for me was just average. For me personally, I didn't find him all that attractive...he actually reminded me of a latino version of Kramer from Seinfeld...his hair style was almost identical - no im not kidding haha. just my two cents!
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    Appears he's coming to SF according to his travel schedule.
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    I've seen him. Above average massage skills. The only thing that I didn't like was when he used cold wipes to clean my body of oil.