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  1. Voyager

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    I am short to visit Singapore. Any recommendations? I am a top but like masculine hairy guys.
  2. westernsyd

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    Only Hire I have done was a guy passing thru.

    Check out the usual apps.
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  3. MikeyGMin

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  4. Voyager

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    Thank you - Tristan's is a really useful post. What a shame he will be gone by the time I get there! Unfortunately I shall be staying on Sentosa.
    Rentmen and Planetromeo have a number of guys who are passing through. I will keep an eye on them.
    If any one has any recommendations - I would love to hear from them
  5. adriano46

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    A guy I can definitely recommend who is now in Singapore for about 6 weeks is Andris - a muscular, handsome a very talented escort:

    If your taste runs to more hairy men, this gem just passed through Hong Kong -- and now is heading there. He is from Argentina and his massive (22 cm) piece is both long and THICK and he has a beautiful nicely furry butt.

    and you can always see the top guys passing through or permanently there at
  6. Voyager

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    Thanks for the recommendations Adriano - both are very hot - I think the Argentinian would be great!
    Will report when I return
  7. Voyager

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    Have set up a meet with Juan - have you tried him?
    Also I see Damien Crosse is in town - has anyone any experience with him?
  8. BabyBoomer

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    @big-n-tall this gentleman needs your assistance.

    ~ Boomer ~
  9. 12is12

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    Beyond individual escorts through apps/sites, are there any saunas/clubs/cruising?
  10. noob_one

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    There's a gay sauna in Chinatown that I know. Never been there though.
  11. westernsyd

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    There are a number of sauna in Singapore. Check out utopia-Asia