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    I live in Hong Kong, and we get a steady stream of working boys from China coming through town. They can get a visa to stay in HK for 7 days provided they are on the way to somewhere else, and many of them stop by on either end of trips to Singapore. A couple of them told me that they work the streets in Singapore. One said that there is a corner near a McDonald's where Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese boys all work, with a smattering of Indians, Arabs and others. He said that it is getting harder for the Chinese boys because the Vietnamese will generally do a lot more for a lot less money. Does anybody else have information on this?

    I hope that the Chinese don't get pushed out and dry up our supply in Hong Kong! They usually advertize at Unfortunately, most pics are photoshopped so much that you won't recognize the young man if you meet him in person. Sorry it's not in English.
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    I wish I had information on this! When I was in Singapore it was so dull.
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    ...same here, Lucky!
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    Welcome to the board and thanks for the information!
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    Be interested in checking this out - if I could find out the street names and suburb
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    Don't know the street, but it's near Chinatown. I've never been to Singapore, so can't help much.
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    New Bridge Rd and Mosque St, Chinatown station, exit Pagoda Road. Boys normally in the evening or sometimes will come up to you if you eat outside at McDonald's. Be careful as boys can be little thieves too. Don't let the cute face and hot little butt foul you.
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    In May, on a brief visit to Singapore with family, I stayed in a small hotel (with the smallest rooms) on Mosque St. I didn't notice the guys (wasn't looking really and not out and about when they might populate the area) but I did see a listing for a "bath" located at that Mosque St. intersection.

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    Singapore is not somewhere you want to work.... and most of the Asian countries are very strict when it comes to "white guys" plying this trade...