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    tried my first ever skype session just now with a cammer....downloaded it a couple days ago (so it's up-to-date and his is, too).....I use a Windows 7 desktop with cable internet and do not have a mic or cam (he said not needed).....we're able to communicate/"text" on skype, but when he "calls" me to open his video, I push the green phone button and we're then both clicked off almost immediately (with some sort of sound effect) a quick hang-up....this happens in both directions.....

    I checked the FAQs and it said to make sure the correct privacy settings are checked and we're both good with that.....

    any ideas why we can't get his cam started for me to see it?......any other obscure settings/preferences (in or out of skype) I need to look at?....

    thanks for your help
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    Hmm it could be he hasn't updated on his end. I've only encountered this rarely, and it usually ended up one person or the other needed an update, and true you dont need a mic or cam to see his video or to hear him.
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    Do you have a smartphone or tablet? If so you could use that for a test call to eliminate your computer and account from being the problem.
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