Snygg in London

Discussion in 'European Escorts' started by swedboy89, Nov 29, 2016.

  1. swedboy89

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  2. GeorgeGG

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    I met with him. All positive. I cannot say whether he is Russian or Icelandic.
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  3. joethomas

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    Has he the hairy belly currently or shaved?
  4. swedboy89

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    Any more info you can share about your meeting with this guy? will be in London in a few weeks and am thinking about giving this guy a try.
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    I like your taste. Very cute.
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  6. CatnameFelix

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    His ad appeared when I had already left London. I emailed him to ask if he ever traveled to NY, and he replied that that was where he just was. My luck in a nutshell.