Soprano Marina Rebeka in Bellini's Norma

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    Those who are familiar with my postings here know that Bellini's Norma is one of my favorite operas. I recently listened to a live recording of soprano Marina Rebeka in her role debut as Norma in Bellini's opera. It was from January of this year. I actually thought that she was quite decent given that it was her first attempt at the part on stage. She certainly did not erase memories of Callas and others who have attempted Bellini's ill fated Druid priestess, but she was as good or better than anyone else who I have heard tackle the part this Century. Indeed her coloratura was smoother (less Deutekom like in its articulation) than I experienced recently at the MET where she appeared as Matilde in Rossini's Guillaume Tell. She also had her upper register under better control.

    She still had a tendency to lunge at notes above the staff and she also could benefit from learning how to shape the vocal line with a bit more finesse at certain points. Of course it goes without saying that she, like many others, needs to work more on her trill. In any event I hear much promise in what she has achieved so far.

    Perhaps she needs to find that special vocal coach who can work with her to iron out some remaining issues.

    From a performance a few days later:

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