South Florida - 3 strip clubs - 1 night

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    Visited LeBoy last night (Fri) but no one held my attention. At Boardwalk though, I met Raul from Dominican Republic...tall, beautiful, great smile, a lot of fun!
    Will check out both clubs again tonight. May try for Floppy Rooster too....
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    My name is Lab12 and I approve this message
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    LeBoy: I must say it is much better than the old Johnny's! Much nicer bar area and much better dancers imho. Handsome twunky to naturally muscular guys (especially Latino) guys. Many dancers from Cuba, Brazil, and Venezuela. And they are NOT pushy- nothing like it was at johnny's. And there is NO cover!
    I like the lap dance area too. They list all the prices up front including the cuts to the house. Seemed very fair. There was no shakedown from the "clerk" either. And it is timed so there is no #-of-songs ripoff. What customer is going to be counting songs? I was surprised when the dancer got totally naked. I didn't think that was allowed. But right away off came the undies!
    I got the 15 min package for $109. There are other rates too including one for an hour in the VIP room. I think it was $250. If it is basically an extended lap dance that would get frustrating imho.
    It's great I'm only 2 blocks away - an easy stroll. And with no cover what's the harm in checking it out every night? :p
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  4. newatthis

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    When I was there a couple of weeks ago, I pointed to the (unoccupied) VIP room and asked what it was. The dancer I was with replied "that's the VIP room where people go to fuck."
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  5. DickyF

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    I asked one of the dancers too about the VIP room but he was very unspecific. Is there actual fucking? Most of these clubs prohibit the customer from undressing. Is there an exception?
  6. newatthis

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    I have no first-hand knowledge of LeBoy; only what that dancer said. But given the utter privacy, I have to believe it happens. Hell, I know (second hand, but from someone I trust) that at Campus in Montreal, where the lap dances booths aren't even curtained off, there are dancers who let themselves be fucked.

    And I know first hand, that when Campus did have curtains, there were dancers who did it. And you don't need to get undressed...:)
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  7. DickyF

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    The big difference though is Montreal cops vs Florida cops! Boardwalk was raided a few months ago I believe for "pushing the boundaries" in the lap dance room.
  8. newatthis

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    There have been raids in Montreal as well, including the (in)famous Taboo raid in 2003 (the charges were dropped in 2006). I have also seen the police enter and look around Campus, both the lap dance area and upstairs. In that case, dancers told me they were looking for drugs, not sex.

    Certainly things have loosened up in Montreal in the years I've been visiting. Take a look at some of the
    recent Stock videos showing (onstage) dancers being fucked with dildos, jerking off and coming, and giving BJs.

    I still have not been able to get a satisfactory answer about why Campus removed the curtains from its lap dance booths, while Stock still has complete privacy.

    Which brings me back to Boardwalk. With curtains and a "guard" at the door, it's hard to imagine how the police would catch anyone in the act.
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    I believe Boardwalk was raided for drug charges:

    I was in South Florida last week and went to boardwalk on Thursday and Friday evenings. Thurs - totally dead, max of about 20 customers and about 10 dancers. I had one drink and left. Friday was much better - a lot busier but not as busy as I'd expect it for a Friday in December. I went to LeBoy on Friday before BW and was surprised at how packed it was. The atmosphere was livelier, just a better vibe. I've never loved LeBoy but there were a few muscle-y, not as twinky guys which is an improvement. I also went to Floopy Rooster late Thursday evening... the crowd was thinning but still decently busy. For those that might remember - I had a private dance with Jake (mid 20s, Hispanic/Italian look, bodybuilder type) who previously danced at Johnny's. Great guy, had a lot of fun. I hadn't seen him in a few years so it was nice spending time with him.

    New to me but Boardwalk had done some remodeling: the main stage is now where the pool table used to be. They also removed the long, narrow bar area that separated the main bar and the pool table. It makes the place seem a lot bigger but a lot emptier when it's a slow night. The old main stage has become a new VIP room (4 walls). I didn't see it but was told that by a dancer.
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  10. jeezopete

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    Wow...I was there the weekend before Christmas and none of that had been done. They must've worked fast on that!
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  11. bigvalboy

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    lol...yes a few improvements, but they've got a loooong way to go to make the club significantly better. Managers remain unfriendly, and far too many bartenders remain aloof and disengaged. There are a couple of good ones, but the rest aren't worth two nickles. Friday night some guy who is apparently the 'Dance Director?' had about 7 of the dancers go up on stage and do a rendition of the old Y.M.C.A. tune. Probably the saddest thing I've ever seen in a club. It was just pathetic. I actually felt sorry for the dancers, who probably had no idea what the importance of doing it correctly was. They are in the process of developing the land around the BW, maybe Victor thinks he will get new business. I don't know, not holding my breath on this one. It's worth the few minutes more it takes to get to LB.
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    laughed at your somewhat-derisive "dance director" (in quotes!) story.....made me think of "Waiting For Guffman".....(sorry to get off-topic)

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    lol...Yes that was it. To see the dance director standing there, clapping his hands and directing the dancers, and being so proud of the show was just worth a couple of shots of Tequila.
  14. Poppie

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    A newVIP room at BW? Anybody with more information?
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    They have walled off the old stage area and put a door in, It was going to be the VIP room but now they have changed their minds, it is now only going to be storage. The VIP room is going to be where the old bathroom area was. There used to be 2 bathrooms. A couple of years ago, they remolded one of the bathrooms and closed off the old one. The old one sat empty, but they are now remolding it for the VIP area. New speakers, new TV's, new sound systems are going in, and as been reported early, the pool tables are gone and a mini style Swinging Richards stage is there in its place. All in all, it's lipstick on a pig....
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