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Discussion in 'Male Strip Clubs' started by Poppie, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. Poppie

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    Planning a trip to Ft. Lauderdale soon. How is the action at the clubs? When do the boys start dancing?
  2. DickyF

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    It officially varies but I think 10 is usually the peak. I’ll be going myself in a month. I will check out the new Johnson’s as well as my fave LeBoy (though I’m in the minority opinion on this site). I haven’t been to Boardwalk in ages but I might check it out again.
  3. Well then, we are in the minority together! LOL
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  4. Chidude

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    Does anyone know whether Johnson’s has private VIP rooms or at least a VIP area?
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  5. bigvalboy

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    No rooms per se, but a VIP area with comfy chairs and curtains. Very private.
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  6. Chidude

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    Thanks as always, @bigvalboy!! ;)
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  7. hwic04

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    Has anyone had success meeting up with a guy back at your hotel room who was dancing at any of the Fort Lauderdale clubs? So many dancers seem to be straight. Appreciate any recommendations of guys who are willing to provide a lot more than muscle worship. Thx,
  8. DickyF

    DickyF Lord

    I have a couple of times but it’s been awhile. The first one was gay - very passionate! - and he moved to California
    The 2nd one was straight and he just wanted to be serviced which was ok. He was at Swinging Richards which closed years ago.
    If there are more contemporary experiences I’d love to hear too! I’ll be there in 4 weeks.
  9. pdxleo

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    My current boyfriend in FLL was a "lust at first sight" dancer at Boardwalk- we ended up spending the first weekend together in my room at the Worthington Resort. After several years, he still makes my heart skip when he picks me up at curbside at the airport when I visit.
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  10. stripfan

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    Yes! Some of my best experiences have been with dancers. It is hard to give recommendations because there are alot of factors at play . I make it a practice at the clubs to never discuss my activities with one dancer to another . (I have had them ask )
    My best advice is to tip the ones you like at the bar , talk a little, a lap dance or two , and see how it goes . In my experience a lap dance can be a good indicator if I want to try for a hotel visit . That doesn’t mean I haven’t been disappointed ; but more often than not I get what I expected . Good luck !
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  11. hougalwizard

    hougalwizard Apprentice

    Johnson’s is quickly being the “In” strip club in the FTL area, in spite of being in Wilton Manor (and thus subjected to more onerous regulations than other jurisdictions like Pompano, Miami, and surrounding “hamlets.” On weekends (Thursday thru Saturday) it has a larger number of “quality” entertainment. Besides the obligatory one (or two) twinks (generally twanks) and 1-2 rougher dudes, the majority are hot lookers who know how to dance AND striptease a la Swinging Richards (tho no public nudity). Tattooes are trendy rather than prison art. The DJ does a great job of mixing and matching stage dancers. When not dancing they mingle well in both the lounge and the separate bar. My gaydar seems to register a majority of gay dancers as opposed to gay-for-pay. In fact, it seems to me that Boardwalk’s quality gay dancers are migrating to Johnson’s.

    Drinks, including specials, are not watered down, generously poured and the cheapest of the genre, including Alibi. Usually, small groups can snag a cocktail table or front-of-stage seats. The waitstaff is usually composed of interchangeable twinks.

    In addition to the curtained off private dance areas which ring one side if the stage, they have opened up a few VIP areas in the back of the house. Prices are very reasonable for private dances. Clients pay a one time $10 fee to use tge curtained areas as often as desired. The dancers charge $2o a song (plus tip). VIP area I think varies by crowd size. I gotten two different proposals - 1 for $100 for the alleged larger private room plus a more generous donation (~100$) for somewhere between 30 minutes to 45 minutes.

    The club is strictly non smoking, tho I hear there is a small outside area for TOBACCO smoking, and in/out privileges for smoking in parking lot. One whiff of pot and announcements are forthcoming and staff searches diligently for the to-be-ejected transgressor.

    The obligatory drag queen nite has been eliminated. Women (cys and otherwise) are welcome tho hen parties seem to be stopped at the door. I haven’t noticed racial profiling, and neither have the Persons of Color whom I have accompanied.

    The primary areas needing correction are parking and toilets. There are only two restrooms, with one toilet each, for the entire bar (patrons, staff and entertainers). I wish they would replace the plastic banner signage with a real sign to stop rumors (prolly started by competitors) of eminent closure.
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  12. hwic04

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    Great report on Johnson’s! Any recommendations for specific dancers there and what each might be willing to offer in the more private areas of the club? Feel free to PM me with details as appropriate.
  13. Chidude

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    Thanks for that incredibly helpful and detailed review, @hougalwizard!!
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  14. DC_Guy

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    Anyone been to Twist lately? Any updates?

    Will be in South Beach on an upcoming Saturday and Sunday night. Will definitely hit it up on the Saturday, and wondering - is it worth checking out on Sunday, too?