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Discussion in 'Male Strip Clubs' started by jrroth580, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. jrroth580

    jrroth580 Newbie

    Such an absolute stud. Perfect body, perfect symetry. Would love to see him come out sans the underwear with a nice big hard-on.
  2. EZEtoGRU

    EZEtoGRU Count

    Well he does come on stage with a hard-on for his slow song usually. Nice fat curved cock.

    FWIW, he is a super nice guy as well. So nice to find someone so studly that is also a really nice guy. That is rare indeed!

    Have you seen Kobe?? Not quite as big as Franco, but very handsome also.
  3. jrroth580

    jrroth580 Newbie

    I've not. Is he the other muscle dude, baseball cap and beard?
  4. jrroth580

    jrroth580 Newbie

    I mean Franco looks amazing all the way around. I'd just like to see him come out once without any underwear at all. Just come out proud and hard, strutting it for the crowd.
  5. EZEtoGRU

    EZEtoGRU Count

    Yes that's him. His English is basically non-existent but he seems really nice also.
  6. dewey66

    dewey66 Apprentice

    Franco is fun to talk to and do a few laodance with. You should also check out Tyson and Ron. Tyson has a great muscled body while Ron has thick thighs - a real muscle pup, lol
  7. P Gren

    P Gren Master

    How do they pic who gets a video on their public website?
  8. samandtham

    samandtham Master

    Pretty sure all of the dancers, once they become "regulars," would get a profile on Stock's website.
  9. EZEtoGRU

    EZEtoGRU Count

    Some Stock dancers opt not to have a "profile" by choice and the club accommodates this when requested. Remember that dancer profiles can be viewed by anyone not just website subscribers. Some guys work at Stock on the DL and they prefer to keep a low profile.
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