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  1. ghfan

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    hi guys!

    i know this question has been raised already but i would ask for an update ;)

    will visit los angeles soon and would love to suck some really huge dick there!
    the bigger the better... i´m an absolute size queen!

    do you have any suggestion for me? maybe an expererience?
    one of my favorite dicks ... chad hunt, lego giamani, tommy defendi...

    maybe there is someone who wants to join and we do a 3some?

    thanks and cheers
  2. azdr0710

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    With no replies here, I think you might be able to inquire over in The Deli subforum about the same topic. Good luck. Welcome to the forum.
  3. EastbayMike

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    I'm not sure you could get anyone to meet you out at the airport.