Suggestions in San Antonio?

Discussion in 'Male Strip Clubs' started by n2guysnatl, Dec 29, 2016.

  1. n2guysnatl

    n2guysnatl Novice

    Anyone have suggestions in San Antonio? I don't expect a full nude experience like Swinging Richards or in Montreal. Doing some research online it says that Club Essence and Heat have go go dancers. Anyone been to either of these? Do they only dance on the bar or do they give lap dances as well?
  2. naillin

    naillin Newbie

    Last time I was in town, they both had dancers with the ones at Club Essence taking time to walk around the room saying hi. No real lap dances due to problems with licensing and how strict law enforcement gets when male dancers are involved.
  3. Derrick Rigg

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    I was asked by Heat to dance there maybe 4 years ago but didn't have the time. The owners are very nice guys. Now that I'm back to bodybuilding after taking a three-year stint as a powerlifter, I'm looking for dance gigs to fund my bodybuilding.