Tampa FL 3/30

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  1. Tied up the 3 prior days, 3/30 still open! Tampa Westshore area, with transportation.
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  2. big-n-tall

    big-n-tall Viscount

    Actually tied up or just metaphorically speaking? :p
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  3. mike carey

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    A very good question!!
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  4. BabyBoomer

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    Is @whipped guy still at the Southern Command Post? ;)

    ~Boomer ~
  5. bigvalboy

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  6. whipped guy

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    Yes WG is and will be in FL and has rope!!! Consequently the literal as opposed to the metaphoric aspect of being tied up can be arranged! Now do I dare try it!!!??? :eek: Well if you never hear from me after the end of the month then you will know that I did make the attempt!!! ;)

    Damn it you guys! You just made me break axiom number one from "Escort Hiring 101", but at times it's fun to live a bit dangerously... and then get to suffer the consequences!!! :p :D
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  7. You may not hear from @whipped guy at the end of the month; I'm feeling FRISKY and STRONG!
  8. Be careful that you liked that, BVB and whipped, im at 194 lbs, only 4 lbs off my highest ever!
  9. whipped guy

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    And I'm feeling oh so scared...

    (It was fun knowing you guys, if I'm never to be heard from again... gulp...)
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  10. Becket

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    Is Bubba the Love Sponge still working in Tampa? TB and he should meet.
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  11. He isn't on the air anymore I don't think...
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  12. whipped guy

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    Bubba was replaced by Xmas music in Tampa last December and a new format in January, but supposedly is back or will be back on the air in Tampa.

    However, he was not dropped and has been (or at least was) on 96 K the Fort Myers affilate mornings as far as I know. So a reason for TB to travel south from Tampa ?!? ;)
  13. whipped guy

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    I just checked 96 K Rock down here and Bubba indeed has the morning drive time slot.
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  14. jim ryan

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    Hi Tampa: I am headed to Tampa this week and was wondering if there are any nice gay clothing optional hotels nearby and gay beaches. Have been eyeing St Pete and Treasure island but not to sure what is out there. Thanks, JIm
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  15. Jim, I believe Flamingo in St. Pete / Clearwater area is best bet.
  16. Impossible to really escort there, I've tried- no privacy during sessions because people keep knocking on your door...LOL
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