Tarte is going to South America

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  1. I want to go!
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    How late should I be, so that we both arrive at the same place at the same time?
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    Google translate is very stupid. If there is no internet connection on my phone, it works perfectly fine and uses the downloaded translation file, but if there is a bad connection (like 1 bar), then it stupidly tries to use the internet to do the translation and fails.
    So I keep turning off the internet so I can get a translation and turning it back on again when I need to lookup a web page, so annoying.
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    Been too busy to write, oh my god so much to tell you about yesterday. But I have some notes to edit, I will do that later.
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    I'm keen to read more of your exploits, but I can wait patiently. @Tartegogo, you are living life to the full, and I'm glad you write about it in such detail ;-)
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    Ok, so much happened, I don’t know if My writing can give credit to this day.

    First I whatsapped Vinicius for a 2 hour session at my hotel starting 3 pm. I thought that I could go to one of the clubs at 5 pm.

    Then I left early for the Christ the redeemer monument, and that was done and dusted by 11 am or so, so got a taxi to sugarloaf. Also done quickly

    By 2 pm I was ready to go back to hotel, I just withdrew my escort fees for the day, and used my bathroom to get ready to bottom, in case

    Vinicius arrived bang on time. He realised he was going to be late if he searched his way on foot to my hotel, so he grabbed a taxi from the metro station. That is what I call initiative!

    Then went through hotel guest registration nightmare, they really are not making it easy for us! The staff were painful and not friendly.

    He was great, first he topped me, and given how large he is, that should have been a difficult and painful operation, but the boy knows how to do it! I really enjoyed having his massive muscles on top of me. Orgasm #1.

    He simulated an orgasm inside me. That was very good simulating, because I believed him. But later I checked the condom in the bathroom bin and it was empty, lol.

    We cuddled a long time and then it was my turn. @tele5b, you were right, he can’t handle it well, this time we tried 3 different position and it hurt him every time. So I finished on his incredible torso. What I found funny is that he put on some straight porn for him to watch on my phone while I was fucking him. It was still hot, though. We talked through google translate about his girlfriend. He is a footballer which explains his massive legs. He didn’t short me on time, I kicked him out at 4:50. I wanted to prepare for point 202 as Wednesday is their biggest night because free cabins.

    The funniest thing is that I entered point 202 exactly at the same time as him! We could have shared the taxi ride! He explained he needed to be here because he needs the cash to repair his car.

    He introduced me to Luis, a blond 20 yo with and incredibly smooth skin but also a beard. I was going to say no, and then they offered a double (Luis and vinicius) for 240. I wanted to see Vinicius fuck someone else so I said yes.

    We did so many 3some positions, I won’t bore you, but in short, orgasm #3 and got Vinicius’ load all over my face.

    I came out of the room and realised I knew half the population there now. There was Vinicius , Luis, Nathan, Victor, Felipe, Enzo (the black boy that I have been missing since Sunday), Pablo, junior, @pauleiro, David, Jeferson, Everson, Ricardo, Wellington, etc.

    All the boys are becoming quite friendly with me and not just sexual and they try to help me (and help each other at the same time) by recommending their friend.

    I said hi to @pauleiro and we exchanged tips on boys most of the night. He also got quite busy. He told me about his time with David a beautiful very white guy only very slightly chubby. I only had to say, “yes I think I want to try him” and 5 minutes later, David was all over me. It was a bit to early after Luis and Vinicius so I asked him 15 minutes to recover and we talked in his reasonably good English.

    Then we got a cabin and he was a great bottom! Orgasm #4

    After that I was considering an overnight so I started to think about who. Jeferson was there and he speaks quite good English too which was essential for a nice dinner, so I offered and asked how much he would want. The boy quoted me R200 I couldn’t believe him. I thought he was trying to ask for 2000 and had made a mistake, but no, I showed him 200 and confirmed that is what he wanted! So he was hired (I paid 400, I would have felt really guilty with giving him only 200), I asked him to wait for me as I had to get more boys before taking him home.

    So he recommended me Henrique, his friend, another twink, 20 yo, very lean, who was only average in bed compared to what I am now used to. Lol. We had to wait about 20 mins for a cabin, but he fondled me and kissed while we were waiting, so I was happy enough! His dick was very long! He came, I didn’t though.

    Finally Pablo and Enzo, the black boy I have missed twice turned up and I booked Enzo right away. Long wait for the cabin again, but he made sure I was not getting bored by kissing me in all the (publicly at least) appropriate places. In the cabin, he was amazing, he smelled clean but no perfume, I was quite a good musky masculine smell, yet very clean. Hi dick was huge and he was a very good bottom. Orgasm #5

    Felipe redeemed itself once again by giving me a whole hearted apology and refusing a free drink from me, by saying “I don’t deserve it”. So I told him, tomorrow 10:00am, Praça XV, if you are there, I take you to ilha de paqueta. if you are late, I take the boat without you.

    Finally I took Jeferson out to churrascaria palace in Copacabana and he was so thankful. He also has a girlfriend but lives with 4 other boys in a 2 bedroom apartment in Copacabana. That explains why he is so keen to come with me, my hotel bedroom is probably an improvement on his place, even with me in it. I asked him if it was ok for guys to kiss in public in Brasil and he said “no but I will kiss you right now if you want”. Lol.

    At the hotel he was great he gave me a back massage with some moisturiser that I had ( note to self, bring your own massage oil when traveling, for overnights). Then I rode his (comparatively to the other boys) small dick and he came (for real). I did too all over his hairless torso. Orgasm #6.

    We fell asleep in each other’s arms, I didn’t remember how good it feels to do that with a 22 yo hottie ( I have not done that for 20 years!). In the morning he was in great mood, we had the hotel breakfast and he left. He is a genuinely nice guy.

    By the way, there were another 5 guys at point 202 that also were incredibly hot to me and that I happily would have taken for a ride last night if only I could handle more than 6 orgasms per day!

    Anyway, leaving this city Friday morning, so my recently acquired fame with the boys will soon be useless to me. I hope Porto Alegre is quieter, or these boys will kill me.

    I have written most of this on a deserted beach in paqueta island between kisses from Felipe. He will finally get paid.
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  8. You are my new heroe.
    You should organize an annual forum gathering in Rio, maybe one week every Christmas. We should name it after you. The Tarte Gogo annual field trip. You made me horny.
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    well I do believe we have a new "tomcal" in the making
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    Unfortunately, unlike “Tão”, they will have forgotten me by the time I get back there.
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    @Tarte Gogo how many escorts do you think you've seen so far/how many times have u cummed wow lol:eek::D:p;)
    u hire more than a pornstar sees clients lol
    whew all that stamina I'm jealous daddy :p;)
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    I'm ready to go.
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    I highly concur with you, latbear4blk, but our traveling adventurer will find different experiences. I love those handsome, hot, hung portenos! But aside from the men-- Buenos Aires is a beautiful city, affordable in terms of food and lodging, has its cultural attributes, and its own gay scene yet varied from that which exists in my love Rio de janeiro!

    [The guy here is so damn cute! I could overdose on his mouth and...!]
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    During my visits to Buenos Aires, all of the escorts and guides of whose services I engaged were "ALL" on time. Guess I must have lucked out. The same in Brasil: I or an amigo or my late, gay travel agent would make the arrangements for me; all of the guys in Rio, Sao Paulo, Salvador (Bahia) would arrive as I desired.

    One night my agent had made arrangements for a guy to see me at my hotel The Atlantico Copacabana; if memory serves me correctly, I had travel difficulties and couldn't make it. The young hottie arrived at the hotel on time; I was not there, for I was en route to the hotel. He left a message with the help of the hotel personnel. The next night I rang him and rearranged to meet later that evening. We met and had one hell of a time in bed. [I can still see this tall and very well hung hottie as I write this!]

    Guys--remember that one's experiences will vary, and I don't write that to put dampers on one's interest. If you pay well, (but not overly-do it)-- the word will get out, and many of the guys will want to be with you.
    I had an American acquaintance who was well-loved while going to the saunas. Either he sucked super-well, or he gave them their desired fee plus some. When he and I were together-- one could see the dialogue happening when they spotted him. I, on various occasions, relayed to him that he "was loved." He shrugged it off, but it was something that lured many sauna guys to him.

    When he and I were in Curitiba at a sauna-- the guys latched on to him immediately. He had a few experiences, but when the guys saw me NOT doing anything or seemingly not being interested, they asked him what was "up with me." He told them what I had requested: "I was not feeling 100%!" I couldn't kiss deeply or suck, for I'd had my throat fucked heavily while at Club 117; the guy doing the exploring of my mouth and throat was a long time, married friend of my amigo who had really done a fantastic job yet hurtful while I enjoyed his thick, long, uncut piece of "blessing!"

    Tarte--take each experience for what it's worth in all cities visited, and you'll be one for the better, and your trips would have offered a variety of experiences for which you'll long remember.

    To you guys who're yearning to go to Brasil, my advice to you is to read "all or most of the material" that's in the archives as well as that which is current. Every guy's experience is NOT the same! Although I have some very memorable experiences during my travels in Argentina and Brazil, while at the saunas-- the guys, as a whole, did not flock to me because they thought I was a native. Tourists pay more than the locals in both countries, perhaps in most places outside of the States.

    THANKS again, and please keep us abreast of your cultural and extra physical activites! :):):)
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    I am NOT attempting to put a damper on the quoted sentences, but read about the one or two which were done in 2003 or 2004 in Rio at the Hotel Atlantico. Write TomCal about it. I attended one of these festas and had a rather good time, but again, guys, one man's experiences are NOT the same for others/all. Hotels in Brazil, and in this case, Rio, are NOT willingly allowing all of this action on their premises.

    At one time, from 2002 until around 2010 or 2011-- The Atlantico Copa hotel had a policy which was flexible. I had my own share of guests w/o having to pay additionally or my having to encounter any difficulty. Today that has ceased. During my last stay-- I rented an apartment and had no problems, but the company had a flexible policy as to whom it rented. To date it is no longer in business. Airbnb apartments would be one's next option, but again, the owners have their own policies. Peruse the site and see what's there. I've done it; thus your desire for what you're wanting latbear is doubtful from my perspective as a former traveler to "The Marvelous City."

    Lastly, many of guys go home for Christmas; they're out of the area. How do I know this? Although I've traveled to Brasil during February or October, I've read about the experiences of others during the holiday period and am only citing what they shared here as well as at www.boytoy.com
  17. It was more a fantasy than a serious suggestion.
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    Thursday, last day in Rio, met with Felipe at 10:00am on Praça XV and we travelled to Ilha de Paquetà, the ferry ticket was 2 dollars each, Lol, this country can be so cheap.

    It very quiet there, especially weekdays, and so the island’s beautiful beaches are deserted. That is convenient if you want to fondle your boy on a beach (I did), but you can’t do that on Copacabana or Ipanema beach, because it isn’t acceptable to Brazilian society.

    But don’t expect high-end restaurants and souvenir shops, it is not that sort of island pleasures!

    Felipe told me a bit about his life, he had a boyfriend at some point and a girlfriend at some other point. He now lives with a girl, who is only his roommate. He is trying to get a regular job, since the sauna competition with the other boys is not working in his favour.

    He also said he had never gone to either Cristo Redendor, nor to Sugarloaf mountain, because it was too expensive for him. To give you an idea of what he can’t afford, the tickets are R. 60 and R. 80 respectively. That is US$18 and US$24. And we have many escorts in NYC that are asking for $1,500 for a single night!

    Since the boat dropped us at Praça XV, I thought we should walk to Meu Mundo just for the sake of knowing what I am talking about. It is a construction site. I would not go back until it is fully redone. I checked one of the cabin and It smelled badly of mould. There was only one boy i could have hired, the few others were too old for me.
    The only thing it has for itself is the cheap entrance fee (R. 5 for boys, R. 20 for clients).

    So we left just after I saw the place, and took a cab at 18:15 (first time I was stuck in bad traffic) to go to 117.

    Such a difference from Meu Mundo! Also very friendly 117 staff at the entrance today, I guess they have more time since it is a much slower day. They helped me recharge my phone as I needed it for pictures.

    Among the usual suspects there, we found Vinicius, Pablo, Bruno, Fernando. But it is a slow night.

    Pablo came to tell me that I was unfair because on Sunday, I had paid him less than what I gave to some other boys this week (I think I gave 200 to a guy when I was a bit drunk on Tuesday and Pablo heard about it). He made his beautiful Italian eyes look like begging puppy-eyes, and I couldn’t resist him. I topped him, this time without erection issues and it was soooo good. This guys is so beautiful, if only he spoke English, I would have hired him to stay with me the whole week, I would have fallen in love and then bought him crazy presents like an iPhone X or something like this. He also confidently told me he was gay, which I found refreshing. He left right after we were done.

    There were several new and very sculpted black boys that interested me.
    Nykolas was one of them, a bit shy and unlike many other boys he didn’t try to grab me, but later on I approached him and found him to be compatible with my needs. He looks like a Greek god, his body is perfectly proportioned, his muscles very salient. Oh, and that perfectly small muscular ass!

    There was a guy called Max which I had noticed on Tuesday but i had never got to him. Huge guy, with kind of a baby face.
    I hired him for “cuddles and sucking only”, and he was so good at this! He licked and kissed me everywhere!

    At this point (9:00 I think) people were leaving and so did I. I had run out of cash in my wallet anyway, and I don’t think the boys open a credit line. I was thinking of taking one to my hotel, but I knew I would have to spend the rest of the evening packing, and in the morning I was checking out early, so it would not be much fun.

    So, a slow night, only 3 orgasms.

    My recommendation for Rio is to stay 2 weeks if you want to try every guy that you like. If you hire a lot the first week, and reward fairly the hard work, you will be their hero before the beginning of the second week and I think you will have a blast.
    Also get a nice hotel room, my hotel was nice and cheap (US$61 per night), but wasn’t quite up to my standard and I think the boys will appreciate the better bed and shower. Overnights are great, and very cheap as long as you offer dinner and buffet breakfast and a good night comfortable sleep. Also this way, if there is a long line for cabins on the “free cabin days” at the sauna, and you don’t want to wait around, just grab a boy (or 2) and take him with you.
    But use the room safe for any sort of valuable: A wallet full of dollars, or an iPad, or a nice watch, would be incredibly tempting for a guy that cannot even visit his own city’s main monument, because he can’t afford $18 for a fun afternoon. Even if you know the guy is a good person, there are things that are just too tempting when life is difficult.

    Health update: this morning I have a little sensation of burn on a part of my lower lip. Nothing visible, but it feels like it could be a viral infection. Let’s face it, I kissed over 40 different Cariocas, and sucked 18 different dicks, it would be surprising if I hadn’t caught a little something. I’ll have to explain that to the hotel Doctor in Porto Alegre, that is going to be fun.

    Written on Friday morning from SDU airport lounge.

    Tonight: Mezzaninu in Porto Alegre.
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    Apply Zovirax immediately to the area and do so repeatedly. Also do not shave near the area, otherwise the razor will spread it around.
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    Thank you. Got that from the local pharmacy and applied. You guys are like a mobile medical advice Center!
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