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    A companion's profile that I have been interested in suggests that the easiest way to get hold of him and to set things up is by text. I have absolutely no problem doing that for the general things that need to be done. However, there are a couple of personal matters (non-sexual) that I would like to speak about before we met. We could talk about them when he got to my place (it is going to be an out-call) but I think that it would just take up a lot of time and get things off to a weird start. If I suggest a telephone call that we could have a few days before, it may be easier to go over what I wanted to talk about, explain certain things, and then have him be able to ask questions if he wanted to. What would be the best way to initiate that idea? Or do you think it is a bad idea to begin with and just wait until he meets with me. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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    Start with a text. Get your time arranged and agreed upon, and then request a scheduled phone call. I haven't met an escort yet who won't agree to a phone call once they know you're serious. They usually just don't want to answer random cold calls. If he won't agree to a phone call once you have set a date, that's not a very good sign for how that date is going to go.
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    During my second attempt at hiring--he preferred texting only too--I asked for a voice call because I needed to discuss some complex personal experiences. I wanted to explain my incredibly bad first experience so he understood why I was cautious and so he could be aware just in case I had a bad flashback. He agreed and we had a very constructive voice call that led to a very enjoyable evening. Our time together was enjoyable and I had a very positive experience with a real professional. To this day, I consider him my first.
  4. This is a perfect strategy. It honors the request of the guy and gives him a chance to make time for you for a phone call.

    If you do choose to "cold call" - please please please leave a message if you don't get the guy. Don't repeatedly call without leaving messages and don't assume the guy doesn't want to talk on the phone.
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    This, Right here is critical. I am not going to call you back if you do not leave me a message or do not send me a followup text message of some kind. Also remember to speak clearly when leaving voice messages. I often get voicemails that are so mumbled and incoherent that I just delete the message without trying to decipher any further.

    @TruthBTold It is perfectly fine to request a phone call from the advertiser once the line of communication is started. I specifically state to send a text message since I am often not in a position to take a phone call but will schedule a phone call upon request.
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    Thanks for the advice everybody. As you can probably tell I am not all that adept at using recent mobile telecommunications. I can probably count on 2 hands the number of times I have used my iPhone. Sad but true. So, once I get the text communications going what do I say is the reason that a phone call is necessary without freaking him out or have him think that it is a new police invention? It sounds like from what you have said this is not all that extraordinary.
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    Why not just tell him the truth? You state in the OP “If I suggest a telephone call that we could have a few days before, it may be easier to go over what I wanted to talk about, explain certain things, and then have him be able to ask questions if he wanted to.” Just tell him that.
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  8. Nothing beats a 2 minute phone call to get a feeling and ask/answer: Where you? What do you get into? When are you looking to getting together? Are you looking to host or travel? etc.

    I know escorts who ask for a phone call and their number of no-shows has dropped to almost 0 per year.

    Some of them were annoyed by all the time wasted exchanging texts with 50 and 60 y/o men behaving like teenagers texting from business meetings over and over again...

    @TruthBTold he might tell you he can't talk for a full weekend because he's with a client but he'll text in front of the client without a problem. A very well-known escort from this forum once had a 24 hour appointment (2.000 or more) collapsed because the client told him not to text from lunch and he (the escort) felt overwhelmed by such a bossy and out of place demand that he just walked away.

    I always think if a person has time to pee, poop and walk on the street/corridor by himself he has time to talk over the phone for 2 mins, the only exception would be a long flight were obviously certain things can't be talked... and scheduling a call would be a best choice or just text as long as both parts get to the point, read what the other wrote, make reasonable questions and answer each other questions... I wonder how often that happens among guys hooked on their iPhones?
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  9. Exactly after al is his (the escort) business, the OP @TruthBTold could just move on and call someone else if the escort just doesn't feel comfortable talking on the phone like so many young men seems to feel now a days.
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    I'm with @MiamiLooker and @marylander1940 on this one. Just be upfront without being vulgar and remember not to mix intimate details and discussions of money since that's illegal and will likely make him uncomfortable or unwilling to proceed.

    For me, I texted something like, "Hey, before we meet, I'd like to chat live to explain a few personal topics that are tough to txt. Is that cool? If yes, when is good for you?" He said sure and we setup a time.
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    That sounds great. Thanks. It achieves its purpose without seeming crazy.
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    Yeah, you probably don't want to say, "Hey, I'd like to chat on the phone to make sure you're not a crazy person." Or something like, "I have some seriously weird kinks that I'd like to discuss over the phone, ok?" All though, that second one might be fine for many pros who've "seen it all," but the first one would seem too much like an attack.
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    When communicating with a new guy (that is, new to me) I ALWAYS start with text or email, depending on what his ad says. I ALWAYS ask to have a phone call and i have never been turned down. If I don't have a specific to discuss, I like the voice contact anyway. Even if it is 1-2 minutes. i have never failed to break the ice and elicit a laugh . . . from there it's all easy.
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