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    I don't doubt that there is flakiness out there. There are pic collectors, stalkers, and a host of different people who are not 100% committed to meeting.

    However, if you don't mind me pointing out, your approach puts the onus of building the relationship on the (metaphorical) shoulders of the client. As you say, "if [the client] really want".

    From my perspective, a potential client has initiated a contact and reached out to the provider. That first step is important to acknowledge. It doesn't hurt the provider to respond (which they are doing anyway when they email back "text me please") via email. The only real difference is the quality of the response.
    Either short, curt, and focused on the providers issues (his annoyance at time-wasters);
    or; short, polite, and focused on the potential client's issues (responsive to the questions posed).

    I tell my sales team, don't put extra obstacles in the way of a potential customer. They can always call one of our competitors.

    As a customer, when a service provider (escort, plumber, tree trimmer, barber, whatever...) responds and throws an obstacle in my way, my first thought is... "There are a 100 other people I could contact, why would I waste my time with someone not focused on me, the client?" I remember... it is my choice. Why should I pay to be blamed for other people's annoyance? Why should I pay for someone to pay attention to themselves?

    You're welcome to your opinion, just adding a different perspective. :)
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    Are you suggesting a client shouldn't contact an escort unless and until the client is 100% sure he wants to hire the escort?
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    There are plenty of fish in the sea of escorts.
  4. please don't put words in my mouth I never said...

    On RentMen.com at least you have pics, stats, safety practices, and in 90% of the cases rates, travel and location might be confusing unless, but you can always ask.

    I usually contact guys by text, ask to talk for a couple of mins and get a feeling if I want to hire them or not. I don't like dragging things by email even though I'm retired unlike some clients who can't stop texting/emailing from business meeting.

    How do you contact guys on BP?

    What do you ask them by email? Is there always basic information missing in their posts?
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  5. The client reaches the provider by email/text/call and can ask whatever he wants but if I was a busy escort I would just ask the client to call me or text me and if serious not to hide under an anonymous email?

    We both agree that a call/text HAS to be made for the client to schedule an appointment with the escort, right? You also say the client shouldn't eternally drag the communication by email, right?

    The OP gets offended and cuts off any chance of hiring the escorts if he replies to his 1st email with a note saying "text me". Would you do the same? Would it be ok for the escort to reply to your 2nd or 3rd email about: stats, location, avail. etc with a "text me"?

    Damn, tomato/tomatoe let's keep dragging this.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    Good luck with that.......

    Sadly, these days, I don't think there are 100 other people you could contact who would be enthusiastic, with a customer-responsive communications attitude. You're just going to contact a lot of others who behave in the same manner.

    Ignoring escorts and masseurs.... arranging services is a big part of my job and even bigger in some volunteer work I do. Of all service providers and contractors I contact, I'd say only 30% are decent in replying and following up. About half of those are truly excellent.

    The most common response to my contact efforts.... to a provider or contractor who is advertising for work is nothing. The most common response by a contractor who's spoken with me and promises a bid/proposal is nothing.

    Maybe its a healthy economy, maybe it's changing social values. But it sure seems like responsiveness is no longer a customer-service norm.

    I don't like it, but I'm human. Conditioning is part of the human experience. I no longer have favorable expectations from the service industry. Which is why I always give positive reviews and make recommendations for the excellent providers out there.
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    I'm SO bad with texting. Call or email me please.
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    Actually... there usually missing information in every ad. For example: In my "area", the driving distance is anywhere from 5-45 minutes. All depends on which side of the county. So, yes, there is information needed from every potential provider.

    First, if the escort is that busy, then he wouldn't be responding to either texts or emails. He's too busy to handle the scheduling side of his busy. When I seen an email, I do not expect an immediate response.

    Agreed. But we are discussing first impression(s) and first contacts/response. After the first impression is established, the method of communication often changes.

    So, the escort responds to the email saying... Thanks. Answers any first questions. And adds either, I prefer text over email. Can you text me instead at xxx-xxx-xxxx; or; what's your phone #, so I may text you directly?

    Isn't that more appropriate than not answering the question and "text me please"?

    If you don't want to discuss it, that's fine, too. I was just giving my thoughts.
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  9. Approach with care... lol.

    Life usually is way simpler than imagined.

    Sounds like the script of a Lifetime movie.

    Why do you finish your latests postings with something that sounds like "have a nice day."
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    Well, I read into your tone on the one before like you didn't really want to continue the conversation. So I wanted to leave you an out. :)

    Wasn't trying to be rude or anything.
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  11. no need for you to leave me any "out"...

    btw, do you realized that our main issue is if a call/text could be asked in an email reply or only after a few emails are exchanged... LOL
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    I think it is even more laser focused on a simple issue... if it is appropriate for an escort to respond to an initial inquiry with "text me please". LOL

    We both agree that at some point, it is completely okay for the escort to move the conversation to text.

    I think of it from my perspective (no duh). And I hate giving out my cell phone #. I also have two email addresses... one for spam and one for real, because I'm forced to give out my email address if I want to do anything online nowadays. But, I'm not going to carry two cell phones. I've been the target of harassment before. I jealously protect my personal information.

    So, when I go to text someone, or give them my cell phone #, I have to have some level of trust. That's why I ask questions via email first. And, I reasonably expect that the escort will respond with some basic information that I need to feel comfortable.

    The last thing I need is some flake texting me in the middle of the night and me thinking it is my parents being rushed to the hospital. Those same flakes are on BOTH sides of the equation (client and provider).
  13. I don't think responding "text me please" to an email is rude. We addressed before the generational gap. He is responding in the written formal he knows.
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    I love my principals. I'm an employment recruiter. I insist they send a cover letter and resume by US Mail.

    I wonder why I haven't placed any candidates lately.

    I guess ya gotta go where the marketplace is goin'
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  15. We disagree on this as discussed in the previous exchange of emails.


    Get a googlevoice... I have one and some a few escorts wouldn't make plans with me because of that.

    How do they find out?


    I have 3 emails for 3 different aspects of my life: family and friends, work (even though I'm retired), and escorts/hookups.

    makes sense to me.

    My phone (and its 2 numbers) is off when I go to sleep. I'm not into endless texting and I require a 2 mins call to get a feeling. Why would a "flake" be texting you in the middle of the night? You're more likely to be bothered by someone from work who has nothing else to do but texting you or whoever is on his phone to kill time. May I suggest them engaging in talking with folks around them?

    I'm sorry to hear bout your parents, I lived what you are going through with your parents long time ago too and I know how stressing that is.

    I've been called names on here because of requiring a 2 mins call to get a feeling. Where are those voices now? Huh?
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    Don't completely agree. I typically hash out the details via email. I will text after I feel comfortable with the escort and actually set up a meeting. I prefer not to give out my number during initial contact. My experience is that I have gotten unsolicited/unwanted calls/texts which could put me in a compromising position. Such as an explanation.
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    A phone number shows in a way the client is more serious in meeting up. Plus texting is a faster way of communication than emailing. I don't know many escorts who would meet a client that you only have their email... I did when I was in my teens and the stood up rate was way higher than guys who showed up. I would meet someone with just an email if I was already in their area when they contacted me or they live near my home.

    Its funny though, their have been many guys who emailed me scheduling to meet "soon" and as soon I said sure whats your cell number and address they never wrote back lol:rolleyes:
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  18. Exactly!

    specially while getting so many emails per day!
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    You can't apply everyone's situation to your own. For me, discretion is paramount. I need a certain level of trust to maintain that discretion. I recently had this young kid from Detroit find my profile. I entertained him for a while cause he was cute. In the end he wanted me to fly him to Miami, first class, put him up in a hotel for a week, pay him 3k and pay for all his meals and drinks. I laughed of course and blew him off. Imagine that he was advertising and I contacted him and he asked me to text him. That kid hasn't stopped pestering me. I wouldn't trust him with my personal email, which is as anonymous as it gets, much less my phone number.
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