The Boys of "Le Boy"

Discussion in 'Male Strip Clubs' started by Karl-G, Sep 6, 2016.

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    Enjoy your stay. The weather is spectacular.
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    Thanks, I will, I am going for a meeting but I hope to make optimal use of time for some pleasurable activities lol
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    I just got back from Ft L. Much to my delight I found out my Airbnb apt was literally 2 blocks away from Le Boy. Since it was just a 3 min walk and there is no cover I strolled over 4 times. It reminds me of the now-gone Dudes Bar: clean, well-lighted with attractive young dancers, many Latino though all types. I guess it depends on your definitions but I would not call most of them twinks - rather twunks I guess. I definitely agree about Angel from Rio - what an adorable sexy young man and so personable.
    I did a couple of lap dances with him - he is very enthusiastic and passionate. No heavy kissing but some. There was no bald guy and no one asked for a tip. I did the $109 15-min sessions and gave Angel a $30 tip. He was appreciative and never asked for more. They post the prices and distributions on a sign in the back and Angel confirmed it's correct.
    Several other standout dancers: Rick from Cuba, Mike from Venezuela. Another thing I noticed - there was no aggressiveness by the dancers.
    I return to Ft L in 3 weeks! I will make the effort to go to Flop R though it is a drive. Since I will have a rental car I will avoid the toll roads (of which there are many in Miami) which adds to the travel time. But I'll be staying again within walking distance of Le B. :p
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    The Leboy facebook page says the boys start at 6PM now.
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    Jeesh... and I just left.
  8. But is that really true? I hope someone can let us know. I've been there at 8:00 and there were no dancers.
    Also, does anyone dance on Tuesday? That was a night that the bar was open, but no dancers.

    thanks for your input.
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    I guess dinner is not the only early bird special offered in South Florida.