The Cable Guy?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Bayman4Fun, May 12, 2017.

  1. hornytwells

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    I, as you know, have had a 70 per cent success rate with that strategy, which works with straight porn on, so they dont get too freaked out, I notice that if they react to the porn, I always get something, from JO session to sometimes a lot more, If they dont react to the porn then I dont make any suggestions. I also strategically have the porn on my computer, which is reflected in my glass photo frames on the opposite wall, so they can see the reflection on the wall as they stand at the door, that way it's less obvious......... It worked for me so many times!!
  2. MikeBiDude

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    I'm currently in the heavy flirting stage with my regular UPS driver. Fingers crossed it's going well so far...
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  3. Bayman4Fun

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    It occurs to me... I have some pool repair work scheduled, and repair guy definitely catches my attention. I have no idea if he's straight or gay. Know nothing about him. But he's going to be working outside my back door for several days.

    Im in suburbia. I'm long past concerns about people knowing I'm gay. But I don't want it out there that I'm the creepy guy trying to seduce local tradesman.

    Seriously, this guy is built like a tank... it's not a major concern, he seems friendly.... But if I touch some nerve, I suppose there's tiny potential for danger.

    Any creative strategies anyone's used in these scenarios? How to open the subject, without just feeling cheesy?
  4. funguy

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    Walk out to your pool wearing only a towel, sort of low.
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  5. Bayman4Fun

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    That could work someday if I liked the pool guy. This is the repair guy... replacing a skimmer, doing some concrete coping work. First thing, he drains the pool 1/3.... so there's no believable reason for me to be out there in a towel.

    Plus, I'm not really the type of guy to use that method.... [​IMG]
  6. MikeBiDude

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    Use the hornytwells strategy, put some str8 porn the kitchen? Nearby? Invite him in for a glass water, or to help move a piece of furniture, check an appliance? ;)
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  7. Bayman4Fun

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    Hmm. Worth a try
  8. MikeBiDude

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    It works....sometimes on room service/bellmen boys but that's can't guarantee who's coming to the door ;)
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    Pool guy, pool guy... I think maybe I first saw this somewhere here on the Forum?

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    When I was at the football in Sydney a couple of weeks ago they ran that ad on the big screen at the ground.