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  1. By the way, glad to see you recently got your nipple back. Guess your "real" home has some advantages over Palm Springs after all. If you don't mind me asking, how much does the nipple cost? :p:D:p
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    Imagine!!!! I go out of town for 2 weeks and I come back to a thread which has nothing to do with sex or politics.

    I have spent considerable time reading thru the entire thread and, tho I am now blind (not having my computer glasses), I am in support of support.
    I will put forth in the $25 monthly category, I just have to get arranged in deciding which contribution route to take.

    Thank you, Steven, for your work and thank Daddy for his work.
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    I prefer to keep my donation anonymous, but I shall be a forum supporter, if I can find that old jockstrap.
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  4. I know I've been suffering from VD (verbal diarrhea) but let me stress this point: all donations and pledges will be confidential unless you want to state it. I have given to lots of causes and as you all know lists of donors on things like college fundraising drives, etc. are quite common. This is a matter of personal preference and different people have different feelings. In a case like this where we don't honestly need a huge percentage of participation (my college for example has a goal of 50 % alumni participation, which is extremely high), I think the easiest, most pragmatic, and most sensitive approach is to just avoid public lists.

    A number of you have already emailed me today either to make monthly pledges or to inform me about one time donations you already sent or plan to send. All that information will be private although you are welcome to post something here and I actually encourage you to so if you wish because it helps to keep the momentum going. Also I am going to talk to Daddy and we'll figure out a way to keep reporting and updating on overall progress toward the goal and how that compares to revenue needed to keep the site running as is and also make improvements. So far just since I posted this morning there are over $250 in monthly pledges! :):):)

    I've said this already but I think this is a really good reality test of "capacity" both in terms of how many people will give something like $25 or $50 monthly and also how many people feel comfortable long-term making voluntary annual membership donations of $5 a month. My gut feeling is that, short-term, it will be easier to find a couple dozen people to give $25 or $50 a month than it will be to find a couple hundred or more to give $5 a month voluntarily. But I also think that long-term the latter is a reasonable goal as we build capacity. For now, all of this will be kept as private as possible other than somebody needs to keep track of how far we are to our goal and with your permission I've volunteered for that short-term job.

    Thanks guys.
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    My local radio classical music station has pledge drives and at various levels of contribution they send CD's as a "thank you." Will we get some, too? With Steven, maybe?
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  6. Ha ha.

    Read one of my (albeit endless) earlier threads. I personally love the idea of figuring out a "rewards" strategy to encourage donations. Some of you guys are way more shy about this anonymous donation stuff. i have no shame about the idea that I am 100 % whore and if somebody gives a nice fat donation they can have anything they want from me - except for my boyfriend Kenny, of course. Kenny belongs totally to me.
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    I just set up an automatic monthly contribution through my bank and it was really easy. I just treated it like any other bill (although I had to use glennnn as the account number it insisted I provide). Let them find an envelope and stamp! This forum is far too important to me personally and to many, many others struggling to find their place in society to let it slip away. I come here to laugh and to cry. I come here to get help, and more important, to help others. You have all become my family and I would be very sad to lose touch with you.

    This is a unique online forum for our community and must be preserved!
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  8. Thanks Glennnn! You get an extra "N" for Nifty.

    If you don't mind me asking, which bank is it? I know this works at B of A and Chase. Somebody messaged me and said this doesn't work st Wells Fargo. I think it helps to know which major banks work and which ones don't, unless you bank at a small local bank and don't want to share. Thanks!
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    Surprised to learn a user is having difficulty at Wells Fargo... they are a major banking player. Here's a link to their bill pay system instructions: If he's open to it, I'd be happy to help him. It could be the account type that doesn't offer Bill Pay.

    We know from others that BoA, Chase, and Capital One all offer automatic recurring payments. I've had checking/deposit accounts with CitiBank, U.S Bank, PNC Bank, and Fifth Third, and BMO Harris, all of which offer the service. My credit union also offers the service.

    I converted way back in the late 90's when they first started offering the service. I haven't physically written a check since at least 2001.
  10. Thanks for the very informative update. Like you said this is a pretty standard feature these days. I did help one person walk through this today and if anybody wants to do it but has a problem setting it up PM me and I'll try to help or find somebody who can.

    The goal for the monthly donation pledges is $750 and as of right now in one day we are about half way there. Great job guys!!!!
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    Union Bank of California. Couldn't find a way to email it, but I used Wink, Wink, Nod, Nod and the Las Vegas address on Tropicana to set up a regular payee, and expect the check to be sent soon.
  12. I am the one having problems with WF. I do use their bill pay system, and I can send a payment to Daddy, but I cannot set a recurrent payment. So I will be donating annually, because I am not going to be doing it manually every month.
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  13. Lance_Navarro


    I'm gonna go ahead and set up a $20/monthly recurring contribution. I spend over 10 times that on advertising so it's a no brainer that I need to show some love and support to this website which has served as a valuable support to my livelihood as well as the entertainment and education factor. I hope that other escorts will show some love as well, even if it's just $5 or $10 a month. With all the censoring on other sites, this remains a refreshingly honest space.
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    For me this is absolutely true for some of us "older" non-escorts, etc too. This community dialog is certainly appreciated by me (and I sure others) esp having a helping community message-board for those of us that found ourselves living in fear about our orientation. Then discovering a site like this that helped at least me "come-out", to not live in fear about it(as many of us baby boomers have in the past based on family, religion, business and goverment social acceptance we found ourselves in growing up in the 50's thru not too long ago).

    I know, from comments about wanting to support the site but wanting to do so without "goverments, etc" being able to trace back to them their donation, that fear still exists about being outed by some (for many possible totally valid reasons/understandings). Fears about family/friends/business acceptance still happen for most of us in some way. For me, while "out" to all of family and non-professional friends, even I find myself still uncomfortable in some business settings. I'm sure this community helps in some way for many of us baby boomers at the many different closeted stages in of coming out, which almost at times seems never ending dealing with some non-personal business settings, etc. So to Daddy - Thanks for your efforts which I'm sure has been both an economic and sweat equity huge effort.

    I'd also bet this site helps younger adults as they deal with "coming out" at home, church, school, work, etc....the good news is that the world is in some areas much more accepting, although much forward progress is still needed.

    So IMHO because this message-board provides value to each of us, with all of understanding that acceptance progress is still needed, I feel we all owe Daddy a commit to at least fund some at least a bit of our own usage of this message-board with some dollar amount (that is rightly different for each of us(only each of us can figure what each of us feel is fair and anything is better than nothing) as an ongoing annuity (even if its a small amount on a semi-regular monthly, quarterly or yearly basis).

    Thanks for reading.....and just ignore if I've bored you; but hope not as I think insuring this site is funded properly without an undue burden is important to many of us, in ways none of us can fully realize.

    Thanks again the the Admins of this site and Daddy,

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    Glad to hear from you @oceansunshine . I think we have a lot in common. Thank you for helping out and for encouraging others to do so, too. Feel free to PM me if you ever need help or want to chat

  16. Just an update folks.

    As of tonight 15 wonderful people have set up monthly donations totalling $480 a month. Most of them are for $25, but several are for $50. As I said earlier in this thread, my goal is to raise $750 per month for ONE YEAR for supporting Daddy's efforts and the forum this way. The majority of these donations are through bank bill pays, meaning Daddy (or more precisely, WinkWinkNodNod, LLC) will get a monthly check mailed to him from the donor's bank. But several people are doing it their own way: an annual donation, or a monthly check or quarterly check or money order via snail mail, or some other payment system instead of their bank. Mostly it is based on concerns about confidentiality. In the end, money is money, and it supports this website.

    Meanwhile, a handful of people have also PM'd me to let me know they sent $60 via email or mail or some other payment platform as a VOLUNTARY annual membership fee equal to $5/month.

    I'm pretty sure Daddy knows about donations I don't know about and I know about donations he doesn't. Right now I am avoiding comparing notes with him because I feel somebody other than him should be doing the groveling and begging and cock sucking (oops, I didn't say that!) ;););) Plus I figure it is way easier for you all to tell me to go fuck myself (which I kind of enjoy) as opposed to telling Daddy to go fuck himself. And please, let's not get Bozo involved in this. He's a sweetie, but as I said in a different thread the whole sex with Bozo thing already led to one guy vomiting today. :eek::eek::eek: (And fuck you Lookin. I did burn the red pubic hair out with a torch and it ruined the whole god damn carpet).

    Anyways, back to business. To reach the $750 goal we need about 10 more people to give $25 a month for the next year. And then once we get that nailed down I will ask others to consider $5 a month or $60 a year as a VOLUNTARY membership fee. As I said earlier the goal is to find 50 people that will do that which will raise $250 a month.

    So, bottom line, we are now about half way to the total goal of $1000 a month. For those of you that have given and pledged, THANK YOU. For those of you who are considering it, please do so and send me a PM letting me know what feels comfortable for you. For those of you who haven't considered this yet, please do.
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    Sorry I'm late coming to this party.. (My "other life" has been consuming a LOT of my time lately).
    Taking some time out today, naked & having cocktails with "The SUSAN LUCCI of Daddy's Reviews", (Dane Scott) & we've both decided we're "IN".
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    The webmaster reports that receiving money through popmoney is having problems. We'll report the status of a transaction when it completes.

    We've had a successful deposit via Google Wallet. (Fastest! Thank-you Dan)
    We've had a successful deposit via Amazon (Thank-you TR)
    We've had a billpay check (Thank-you Practor)
    Several envelopes via snail mail that I have to go through (Thank-you!)
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    The 2nd Popmoney payment was stopped so we won't know if it would have gone through or not.
  20. Count me in for a monthly pledge. I think having a permanent option to support the website is a great idea. Like @stevenkesslar, I find this site to be of tremendous value, and I'd be happy to support.