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    Who is Bozo if I may ask?
  2. Hey folks. I wanted to update you all on the status of our fundraising effort.

    As of right now I know of 21 forum members who have made "monthly" pledges totaling $735 a month. I put "monthly" in parenthesis because some of you will be sending quarterly checks by snail mail, for example, but the majority of those of us that made pledges will be doing it automatically monthly through their bank. A few other forum members have stated they are making monthly pledges but I don't know for how much (yet).

    I have intentionally avoided much contact with Daddy about this because I thought he should not have to be in a position of asking for money. I am guessing some people have contacted him directly or simply sent him a donation.

    So, I think at this point it is time to declare victory toward reaching the first goal of $750/month in larger donations. THANK YOU!


    Of course, there is no reason we can't exceed our goal. So I'm asking each of you to think about whether you can pledge $25 a month and if so let me know by private message by Sunday. There are multiple easy ways to do this automatically like through your bank or Google if you don't mind letting Daddy know your name. If you need complete confidentiality that's easy, too - just mail a monthly or quarterly donation. Think about it.

    As I mentioned when we started the second part of my goal is to find 50 people that will donate $5 a month or make a one-time contribution of $60 a year. In my mind this is a way to test support for a "voluntary" membership fee. I stress the word "voluntary" because I think that there is an almost 100 % consensus that the idea of a "mandatory" membership fee is overkill and is unnecessary. So far 7 other forum members have already done this, so we already have a head start.

    I personally think this exemplifies the true spirit of this forum at it's best. It is one for all and all for one and those of us who can help will, but nobody is asking for or deserves "special privileges" or to be viewed as better than anybody else. Except, of course, for Bozo, who I lost my virginity to, and who has now tragically abandoned me, and Kenny, who I plan to marry someday. And Bigvalboy, who I secretly lust for, even though he'll have nothing to do with me. :eek:

    Well, that probably means it's time for me to shut my mouth. Please think about whether you can make a $25 pledge. Next week I'll start asking others to consider a $5 a month contribution. And if you have contributed, THANK YOU!

    Oh, and have a great weekend!

    (Actually maybe it's time to open my mouth).

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    Come on, everybody! Let's alleviate these financial issues and get back to talking about sex.
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    I don't know why I'm only now seeing this thread. I didn't get through an the posts but will look over my finances as to whether I can be a regular contributor. As I'm still an unknown in this world, I'm barely breaking even after advertising and supplies.
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    It's okay, if you need to watch your own bottom line right now! I know I speak for Kesslar, too, when I say each of us should do only what we can. I'm at a place in my life where helping out is no sacrifice. I don't mean to shame anyone. I appreciate your comments and understand your situation.
  6. I love the idea of the new mini avatar for the supporters. It is nice to see how many of us are involved.
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    Can we PLEASE change the title to "The Data ARE what the data ARE?

    The incorrect case (plural) with the singular verb is driving me nuts.
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    This has been discussed previously. Refer to the Chicago Manual of Style, and you'll see that the rule we learned in school about the verb tense to use with "data" has evolved such that now either tense is completely acceptable.
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    If I am going to a meeting I always insist that the agenda are circulated beforehand.
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    I pledged $25 a month to Daddy and have not contributed yet. I would never let Steven down, so I will send a check for six months tomorrow or Saturday.

    My issue has been some minor health problems, Steven.
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    I have sent some money through the post, and I acknowledge it may not arrive.
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    This site just keeps giving to me. I've had wonderful support and advice as I came out, had a fabulous gay weekend in Palm Springs with the gang, had the pleasure of helping some others and most recently got some help with saving on prescriptions and listing some talking points for both my doctors and my loving escorts to make my sex life better. Add in the daily pleasure of interacting on the Forum and it is easy to see that Daddy's little cyber group is one of the most important parts of my life. How much is this worth? For me it's worth a modest monthly donation to keep the Forum solvent.

    What about you? P!ease think about the value one receives and consider a pledge of whatever you can afford. See this thread for a very detailed discussion, banking suggestions and addresses. Thank you!
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    Good Morning, I have never contributed to this forum before but feel like I need to under this subject as there are probably more guys like me than you think. I hire regularly but not as much as I visit the site. It is a regular hit for me each morning and has been for years. When looking at someone new to hire, first site I hit. Look at my credit card bill, there is the Sean Cody charge, there is the Corbin Fisher charge. I have no problem with a Daddy's Review charge.The value here is not something a lot of guys would brag about a Costco membership, but I think you might be surprised with how many people enter there credit card information to continue to enjoy this terrific site.
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    I now know it has arrived!
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    Thanks, Mike!
    Let me take this opportunity to thank you also for your level-headed comments on our crazy political scene. Your "cousinly" POV is very helpful.
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    I'm too lazy to flip thru this entire thread - but I'm happy to mail a check for $100.
    Just tell me where to send it. This site/community is a great thing - and I give thanks for it on this special holiday ;)
  17. Check in the reviews webpage. On the top menu there is an option to donate. You'll find the address there.
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    Or you can follow @stevenkesslar 's instructions to mail it here:
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    is the "thumbs up" icon only for those on a monthly plan....or for anybody who has sent anything in?.....I made my annual donation a couple or three month ago, by the way.....
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    Nope if you make a donation in 2016 you get to be a 2016 supporter. However, I sometimes have to kick the machinery to get the icon to show up. See if it shows up on your next post.

    Thank you so much for the donation if I haven't said it already; It's probably in my todo pile.

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