Tokyo Kids and their other branches

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    Anyone recently tried some of the boys at Tokyo Kids? Are these young men really as hot as they look on their pictures?

    They now have branches in other parts of the country.
    Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka
    What I really like about their website and service is that the rules are extremely clear (even though written in not so good English).

    I may be able to go soon.
  2. I choose Ren and 2 other guys that are no longer available and they looked exactly like their photo. Tokyo and Yokohama usually have the same guys since they are like 30 minutes away from each other. Shinjuku-gyoen-mae Station is literally around the corner from the Tokyo location and about 2-3 blocks from to Shinjuku-ni-chome.
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  3. nycman

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    I love.....

    "Top (fuck): OK"

    "Bottom (fuck): OK"

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    Good to know it is reliable at least for the looks.
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    Interesting. It's been twenty years since I visited Japan. Back then I was young enough to meet Japanese guys in gay bars.

    Tokyo was so expensive I likely could not have afforded to hire.