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  1. Jake

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    Location: Providence
    Club's Name: Touch
    Address: 257 Allens Avenue
    Phone #:
    Hours: Wed-Sun til 1a (Fri, Sat til 2a)
    Cover charge: None

    Type of Club: Go-Go dancing, strip shows, lap dancing
    Type of dancers: mix

    I'd never been, but apparently this is the same venue formerly known as Trixx.

    Open Wed-Sun. Kind of a seedy neighborhood with other strip clubs and sex toy shops, but inside is quite nice - especially compared to their competition, 727.

    A long bar with couches, stools, shower shows and private dance area. Reasonable drink prices, no cover when I went (Sunday night).

    I apparently paid a visit on a very slow night. There were only 4 dancers. The music was horrible (80s cheesy uptempo pop songs the DJ was playing for himself, he was having a grand old time). The dancers kept looking at the DJ with a baffled look. I felt bad for the dancers. You're trying to get some kind of erotic vibe going and the DJ is playing Rappers Delight and Mickey by Tony Basil.

    I definitely plan to visit on a more popular night. From previous posts, it sounds like this used to be a fun spot... hopefully it can come back to life.
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  2. KenK

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    Touch is gone as of August 2010.

    The space was great, but it was always kind of hit or miss - some great dancers who were a lot of fun doing private sessions (and a few off-site adventures), and a bunch of mediocre and downright bad ones. Same for the DJ's, too.

    I think the problem was the management - they couldn't market their way out of a paper bag, and weren't so great at running the place in some ways. I hadn't been there in a while, and happened to look at the website - so purely by chance I found out they had booked Dayton O'Connor for an appearance that weekend. So I went to see Dayton, who did a couple of great dances in the main area and was going to do a shower show (with tickets for an extra $10 or something like that). For whatever reason, they couldn't get their act together and Dayton didn't hit the shower until something like 30 minutes before closing. By that time, a lot of people had left and there were only half a dozen or so customers at the shower show. It was great for guys who stuck around, but probably not so great for Dayton (at least as far as tipping was concerned). But he had fun with it anyway, and encouraged some very up-close-and-personal audience participation.

    Hopefully, the place will re-open with some better management....
  3. Tinkerer9

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    So sad. I was there late last year and had a great time at the shower show. Two built guys eager for audience participation to both suds them up, get them REALLY clean, and then dry them off. God, that was so hot. I'll miss this place because my luck was good, I guess: I had good luck with private sessions and plenty of attention out in the regular area. Do you think someone will sense the loss of both this and 727 leaves an eager, untapped market and reopen something? Sure hope so.... have business in Groton CT coming up next year. LOL
  4. cuguy11

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    Touch Providence is back. Have gone there a couple of times since they reopened. They cleaned up and remodeled the inside some. The place does look much nicer. They have brought in some good looking guys and only have a few of the old regulars. All in all each time I've been back since the reopening it's been a fun experience. Worth everyone checking out again.
  5. Tinkerer9

    Tinkerer9 Apprentice

    Thanks for this. I'm looking forward to getting back out there during a trip next year, and was hoping they'd be open again. Most of the time, I've had a good time there! I used to love going back and forth between there and 727, but it seems to be closed. :(
  6. Knight911

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    Yup, the 727 is closed for good from what I was told. I was at Touch on Halloween night, and it was a good time. Crowd wasn't huge, but it appeared everyone had a good night. Will hopefully be going back again in another week or so. Sorry I didn't have any better news on 727 for you.
  7. AdamSmith

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    Does anyone know if anything like Touch/Trixx or 727 is operating in Providence now?

    P.S. Looks like Mirabar may be about the closest thing left?
  8. Cooper

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  9. I was in Providence last month and Touch/Trix was closed.
  10. AdamSmith

    AdamSmith Count de Crisco

    countryboy, thx for confirmation that Touch/Trixx is no more.

    Coop, no! I did not know about EGO. Thank you!!

    There is some danger that I will have to be in PVD on business next month -- if that happens, will check out EGO and report back here.