Traveling to NYC... Bars?

Discussion in 'Traveling Members' started by shoparound, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. shoparound

    shoparound Apprentice

    Looking for suggestions for bars with frat looking gogo boys? (if any in NYC) Maybe some with amateur nights or ones where straight guys try to act sexy?

    Also if anyone knows good bars with open urinals, let me know!
  2. JayNY

    JayNY Lord

    Try G Lounge & Monster, both have young gogo boys on certain nights. Great bars, Also Boxers sport bar, and Social Atlas Bar . Boxers is my top pick, I got lucky there a couple of times. One of my favorite sport bar in NYC, the boys are so fucking hot.
  3. newportbeachdude77

    newportbeachdude77 Journeyman

    I love bars that have trough style open urinals. They have them all over Europe, I wish we had more in the states. Are there any bars in NYC that have them? Or at least urinals without the partitions?
  4. Ac3

    Ac3 Newbie

    Travelling to nyc end or march. Are there good places to hangout way downtown?
  5. The Cock used to have a trough-style urinal. I was so sad when the place shut down. I’d gotten lucky there more than once. I heard they re-opened in a new location though. Anyone been there? I don’t know if it’s quite as delightfully seedy as their last spot...