Trouble since Microsoft Fall update

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Archer, Dec 24, 2017.

  1. Archer

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    Hopefully, some super technology guy (or gal) can help me with this. I've tried the suggestions from the CNET discussion group without success, so I thought someone here might be able to help.

    Ever since the Microsoft Fall update installed, I have had a problem with my laptop suddenly turning off. It doesn't go through a regular shutdown. It just shuts off, then reboots. The reboot takes almost 10 minutes. I bought this laptop new last December. At first, the shutdown seemed random; then I realized that it's happening every Thursday and Sunday at 8AM. If I start up after 8AM, no problems. This is just goofy. Does anyone have an idea how to correct this?

  2. Archer

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    Now the laptop is shutting off and rebooting 1/2 hour after I turn it on everyday. Does anyone have an idea what to do to correct this?
  3. deej

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    That almost sounds like a CPU overheating problem. Most modern CPUs automatically turn the machine off if the CPU overheats (such as when the CPU cooling fan fails).

    There are commonly reported situations where a computer goes into perpetual reboot mode but that doesn't sound like your situation.
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    At this point, you should back up your data to a cloud drive and take it into the shop for a diagnostic checkup.
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  5. deej

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    Yep. Off to the Geek Squad. You might get a cute one.
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  6. Archer

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    All of my files are backed up daily, so no worries there. The cooling fan is working and I vacuum the intake and outlet once a week. Ok off to the Geek Squad. Thanks for the help.